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Award Certificate

Award Certificate
for our winners!

Beautiful 8x10 Award Certificate. Signed by our CEO with the WWW Awards Official Seal. This certificate is printed on high glossy thick photo paper. 

"As one of Worlds peak internet bodies, the Awards of World Wide Web Awards Program are amongst the most prestigious available - and hence, amongst some of the more difficult to win on the web. "  Diana Verkhovski - Chief Executive Officer, World Wide Web Awards.

The World Wide Web Awards

2013 WEBSITE OF THE YEAR, has been officially announced!  Congratulations to Walnut Creek Homes website for local real estate company - the winner of the Gold Web Award. Applications are still being accepted year round for our other various Award Titles.  Any and all sites submitted over the next 12 months will automatically become eligible to secure our coveted "Webmaster of the Year Award" when it is again announced in December of 2012.

AS! 5.0 Rating


Web Site Design Awards

arrow Your Website will be reviewed by a Committee of Professional Web Developers.  Meet our Evaluators.
arrow Our Highly Rated Web Award Program, is an Elite Web Award Program, rated 5.0 by Award Sites! 
arrow When a surfer visits your website and sees the WORLD WIDE WEB Awards Graphic displayed, they know that they are visiting a website that is a step above the rest.
arrow The WWW Awards has received International
Press Coverage.  We have over 121,000 webpage's linking to us.  We expect this number to double over the next year. 
arrow We have first page ranking on Google, Yahoo, AOL, MSN and many other top search engines.  Keyword = web awards.  Winning our Award could increase traffic to your web site.
arrow Applications are accepted all year. 
arrow Web Award winners receive a permanent listing on our  winners list.  Winners websites are promoted 365/24/7.
arrow All web sites submitted over the next 12 months will automatically become eligible to secure our coveted "Webmaster of the Year Award" when it is again announced in December of 2012.
arrow Our detailed criterion provides informative web design tips, which could help increase your chances of winning The World Wide Web Award and other web awards.

Award Winning Websites

arrow The WWW Awards offers actual Award Certificates and  Engraved Award Plaques to act as further proof of your hard work and achievements.
arrow Winners may post their winning Web Award announcement in their news section, newsletters, local media or e-mail campaign ads.
arrow Many benefits have come to our winners as a result of winning our highly rated Award.  Some of these benefits include;  increased traffic to their website, promotions with their jobs, bonuses, grants,  press coverage and more!  We invite you to
read their testimonials
arrow   This website offers: a web award competition, web awards, website awards, webmaster awards, website of the year award, a annual web award program.  (applicants may apply year round).  Our website also offers, web templates, website templates, a web template store, flash templates, webmaster tools, webmaster resources, webmaster tutorials and more!

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Unlike some Internet Web Awards, the WWW Awards Program does not simply hand them out to every applicant. A Gold, Silver or Bronze Web Award from the WWW Awards must be EARNED and all criteria must be met.