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Food is what sustains our lives and has cultural, traditional, and healthful significance for our families. Numerous types of food exist in the world. They all have different nutrition values and provide us with energy to go through the day. There are many things that people know about food. However, some food facts are so bizarre that surely most people do not know about them. For example, did you know Australians love to eat hamburgers with pickled beets, or that a pomegranate festival exists in Azerbaijan? Yes, indeed. In October, the Azeri people celebrate the festival by singing and dancing, as well as enjoying delicious pomegranate dishes. Also the papaya originally came from Mexico, while lima beans are named after Lima, the capital of Peru. Countless other food facts are out there, but it is for you to decide whether you want to know more about the foods you eat.
Food traditions and cooking styles may be quite different, depending on what region or country they come from. For example, European food relies heavily on sugars and fats, Eastern European cuisine is characterized by crops and grains, and South American dishes contain fruits and seafood. On the other hand, North American cuisine depends on wild game and various herbs. Asian cuisine and Caribbean food are very spicy, oily, and fragrant. Shellfish such as crabs and mussels are commonly found in Southeast Asian cuisine. But one of the most exotic and interesting cuisines is that of North Africa. African food is full of peppers, ginger, and cinnamon. However, if you desire sweet and spicy meals, Middle Eastern cuisine has much to offer. The cuisine of Oceania is full of interesting seafood such as oysters, salmon, tuna, and yellowtail amberjack.
Cuisines in different countries in the world have a variety of characteristics that make each country's cuisine unique. For example, French cuisine is distinguished by its bread (baguettes) and desserts (mille-feuille and madeleine). Sauerkraut and bratwurst exemplify German cuisine, while Wiener schnitzel is necessary to Austrian cuisine. Italy, Greece, Turkey, and Cyprus share a passion for olives and olive oil, which they use frequently in their dishes. British countries have many similarities in their cuisines. Meat pies, puddings, cheese, and bread are common in both the English and Irish cuisines.
Roasted venison, beef, and lamb are present in Scottish and Welsh cuisines. Belgian cuisine is known for its chocolates, while Switzerland is famous for its combination of German, French, and Italian cuisines. And of course you cannot have Spanish cuisine without its tomato soups and spicy sausages. Blood sausage and black pudding (two delicious Scandinavian dishes) epitomize Norwegian, Danish, Finnish, and Swedish cuisines. Hot peppers and spices define Portuguese cuisine. On the other hand, potatoes, bread, and herring are some of the staples in Dutch cuisine. Russian, Ukrainian, and Polish cuisines rely heavily on crops such as wheat, barley, and rye. Hungarian food is nothing without the paprika and goulash. And potato soups, lentil soups, and bean soups consist of just a small part of Czech cuisine.
The food in Argentina is based more on beans, milk, and corn. Brazil, Ecuador, and Chile eat similar types of food as well as different meats and fruits. Peruvian ingredients were greatly influenced by European, Chinese, and Japanese foods. Lettuce, tomatoes, beef, corn, rice, and seafood are predominant in Venezuelan dishes. The food of Hong Kong and Taiwan are very similar because of the backgrounds of these two countries are interconnected. Lentils are commonly used in both Indian and Nepalese dishes. South Korean dishes are not complete without rice, tofu, meat, and noodles. Kosher foods as well as falafel, latkes, and hummus are the chief ingredients in Israeli dishes. Food of the United States was influenced by European and Native American recipes, while Canada got its dishes from the English and French. Mexican food is prominent for its spice and color. The main staples of Costa Rican cuisine are beans and rice. These are combined in a dish called gallo pinto. Goat and lamb stews are some of the most popular foods in Aruba, while the Bahamas are known for their coconut desserts.
Both Bermuda and Barbados were influenced by European cuisine, particularly by the English. Tropical fruits and seafood are clearly visible in the cuisines of the Cayman Islands and Jamaica. The food in the US Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, and the Dominican Republic consist of a combination of native and United States cuisines. Herbs such as coriander, mint, basil, and lemongrass are vital ingredients for Vietnamese dishes. Thai, Singaporean, and Indonesian cuisines are very similar concerning the spices and flavors that are used by them. The staple foods in Malaysia are bread, poultry, rice, beef, seafood, and fruit.
Because so many countries and cultures contributed to South African cuisine, it is often referred to as the "rainbow cuisine". Tanzanian cuisine is very interesting and features spicy ingredients, coconut milk, beef, and rice in its dishes. Egyptian dishes are commonly very sweet with apple cakes and sponge cakes being very common. The Arabs and Berbers had a great influence on the cuisine of Morocco. New Zealand and Australia share a common dessert called the pavlova. People living in the United Arab Emirates enjoy a diet of cheese, eggs, chicken, and goats.
These countries are all unique, with different dishes, traditions, cooking styles, and staple foods. However, they share one thing: a rich food history, a cultural connection to their foods, and a love for traditional family meals.

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