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Aruba Cuisine

Aruba History

Aruban Food History
Discovered by the Spaniards, Aruba began to experience additions to the native culture after 1499. When the Spanish began to occupy the country, they brought over their foods, animals, recipes and cultures. It wasn't until 1636 that the Dutch acquired Aruba, at which time Dutch food became very influential to Aruban cuisine.

Food in Aruba

Aruba food

Traditional Food in Aruba
Traditional Aruban cuisine includes dishes with goat meat, stoba - stew pots filled with vegetables that are locally grown - fish and maize. These days, some of the most common ingredients in meals include beef, chicken, rice and fish. A favorite snack is known as pastechi, a pie that's been filled with beef or cheese. Also, many food chains featuring international foods such as those from Italy and China have become much more popular. Many of the foods in Aruba are imported.


Aruba Dishes

Map of Aruba

        Popular Dishes in Aruba

  • Cool Island Soup - This tropical delight is made of lime juice, apricot nectar, pineapple, cantaloupe and papaya. It's sweet and cool and an island favorite.
  • Sopa di Pompuna - This is another island favorite that is served in lots of restaurants. It is made of pumpkin.
  • Bolita di Keshi - These are little balls that are made of eggs, white cheese and yellow cheese.
  • Balchi di Pisca - Balls of fish made of salmon or cod.
  • Cala - This is a traditional Aruban dish that is made of bean fritters.
  • Pastechi - Essentially made of cheese or meat, these are stuffed turnovers.
  • Keri keri - This dish is made of green pepper, basil leaves, celery, onion and fish.
  • Keshi yena - A spicy mixture of beef or chicken is stuffed into gouda cheese and baked.
  • Ayacas - These are meat rolls wrapped with leaves.
  • Stoba - A stew made of goat or lamb.

Aruba Drink

          Popular Drinks in Aruba

  • Beer - The Aruban National beer is called Balashi beer.
  • Rum - This distilled alcohol is made of byproducts that include sugarcane juice and molasses.
  • Dushi Aruba - An island cocktail made of blue Curacao, rum, coconut cream and pineapple juice.

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