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Austrian Cuisine

History of Austria

Austrian Food History
Much of the food you find in Austria carries a strong influence from the Austro-Hungarian Empire. There have been Italian, German, Balkan and Hungarian contributions to the foods, depending on the region.
For instance, the Weiner Schnitzel is said to have come from Milan during the 16th century when it appeared in Vienna.

Wiener Schnitzel - popular dish in Austria

Traditional Austrian Food

Traditional Food in Austria
In Austria, the most commonly enjoyed meats include beef, chicken and pork. However, the most well known treat, the Wiener Schnitzel, is mostly made of veal.
Cakes and pastries are well known in Austrian cuisine with the most popular the Sachertorte. This sweet confection is a chocolate cake that is eaten with whipped cream and has a filling of apricot jam.
Most common breakfasts are of the "continental" style and are most often made up of rolls, cold meats, jams, cheese, juice, tea or coffee.
In the past, lunch was the main meal. However, in recent times, this has changed and many Austrians simply enjoy bread topped with ham and cheese for lunch. Now, the main meal of the day is in the evening.


Austrian Dishes

Map of Austria

        Popular Dishes in Austria

  • Tafelspitz - This Austrian favorite is beef that has been boiled in broth. Served with roasted potato and minced apples and a sauce of sour cream and horseradish, this is dish you will find everywhere in the country.
  • Punschkrapfen - Also known as punch doughnut, this is a very essential sweet dish in Austria. It is in the shape of a cylinder or cube and is made of spongy dough that has been filled with rum, chocolate and jam and coated with a pinkish glaze.
  • Marillenkn√∂del - These are basically dumplings that have been filled with apricots, then covered with dough and cooked. Then, they are rolled in crumbs and have powdered sugar dusted on top.
  • Schweinefilet - This favorite is fillet of pork with croquettes and sauce.
  • Apple Strudel - Nearly everyone worldwide has heard of this dessert. It's a sweet pastry with an apple filling that is baked.
  • Schweinsbraten - Also simply known as roast pork, this traditional Austrian favorite is made from the neck, ham or shoulder of a pig and is roasted in the oven until the outside is crispy, then garnished with caraway.
  • Burenwurst - This is sausage and is common in many Viennese snack bars. Never grilled or baked, but always cooked, this is a national favorite.
  • Gabackene Champignons - These baked mushrooms and vegetables are combined with potatoes, fried eggs and asparagus.
  • Paatschinken - This is basically a pancake. In Austria, it is filled with jam.
  • Wiener Schnitzel - The most famous Austrian dish, this is made of a thin piece of veal that has been tenderized by pounding with a mallet and dipped in wheat flour, eggs and breadcrumbs. It is then fried in butter.

Austrian Drinks

          Popular drink in Austria

  • Almdudler - This is a soft drink in Austria. It has an elderflower and herbal flavoring. It as the national drink of Austria and can often be found mixed with white wine.
  • Schnapps - This distilled alcoholic drink is most commonly found with an apricot flavor.
  • Hot Chocolate - With heavy cream, chocolate and the occasional egg yolk, this drink has a rich chocoalte flavor.
  • Beer - Most common beer in Austria includes wheat beer, Zwicklbier and M√§rzen.

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