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Belgian Cuisine

History of Belgium

Belgian Food History
Located in the most temperate region of Western Europe is the delightful country of Belgium. Often said to have one of the most underrated cuisines in the world, it combines German and French food.
Over the years, there have been many different ruling cultures in Belgium including Romans and Celts. In addition to these temporary leaders, the Vikings, Spaniards, French, Franks and Austrians have also left an indelible mark on the country and its food. Many cooking techniques and ingredients have been used and combined from all of these influences. By the middle ages, the traditional Belgian food had begun to take shape and Belgium became the center of the spice trade for Northern Europe. Dishes and beer were seasoned with spices such as peppercorns, cinnamon, saffron and ginger.

Waterzooi - popular soup in Belgium

Food from Belgium

Traditional Food in Belgium
Belgian food is known as being one of the finest and biggest cuisines in the world. Large portions and good quality food makes the meals flavorful. For the Belgians, food is essential. They spend a lot of money on food, and they take pride and pleasure in shopping, preparing, consuming and discussing food. There are many kinds of chips, beers, salads, and stews that might be considered to be typical of the Belgians.
Even thought Belgium is not a large country, there are many different kinds and styles of beer available. Almost each one has a special vessel to drink it from. Belgium is also popular for having some of the best homemade chocolates. There is a little specialty chocolate store on almost all corners, which sells many different varieties of chocolate.


Belgium Dishes

Map of Belgium

        Popular Dishes in Belgium

  • Paling in't groen - This favorite is eel that is served with mixed herbs in a green sauce.
  • Salade Liegeoise - A salad consisting of bacon pieces, onions, green beans and vinegar.
  • Tartines - This Belgian dish contains slices of bread covered with a spread such as soft cheese or pâté. It is eaten with a knife and fork and served on a board.
  • Tomate - Crevette - This is a commonly enjoyed snack made of shrimp and mayonnaise that are stuffed into a tomato.
  • Waterzooi - Thick soup made of fish or chicken, and vegetables such as potatoes, carrots and leeks. It also contains cream and eggs.
  • Pensen or Boudins - A sausage that had the meat mixed with breadcrumbs. It is commonly enjoyed with apple sauce and potatoes and is sometimes barbecued or eaten raw.
  • Vlaamse stoofkarbonaden - This dish is actually Flemish. It is a beef stew with beer.
  • Stoemp - This is a commonly found Belgian food that is made of mashed potatoes, vegetables, spices, herbs, bacon and cream.
  • Mosselen- friet - This commonly found dish is made of mussels and French fries.

Belgian Drink

          Belgium Drinks

  • Jenever - This favorite is actually a Flemish type of gin. It is a strong liquor that is also commonly enjoyed in the Netherlands.
  • Beer - This is the most popular Belgian drink. Some varieties are pale lager, Flemish red and limbic beer.

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