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Bermuda Cuisine

History of Bermuda

Bermudian Food History
Located in the Atlantic Ocean, Bermuda is a very small island. A British colony, its foods have been heavily influenced by American and English ways of cooking. Many of the recipes of the English became popular during the 17th century and are still enjoyed today. It is not far from America, and this is why much of the food found on this island is so "American". Much of the food in Bermuda is actually imported from countries such as the US and Canada.

Hoppin' John - popular dish in Bermuda

Traditional Food in Bermuda

Much of the cuisine in Bermuda is vegetable and fish based, with exotic fruits thrown in. Many recipes call for brandy or wine for their distinctive flavorings. The main ingredients found in the food of Bermuda include beans, onions, cassava, cherries, and bananas. The number one ingredient for much of the food found in Bermuda is fish. In fact, fish is actually eaten at any time of the day. Common fish includes: rock fish, white fish, Wahoo, mahi mahi and tuna. Even at breakfast it is common to find people eating codfish and potatoes with a side of avocados or bananas.
The traditional food of Bermuda carries many unique ingredients and a distinct way of preparing meals that uses many different influences.


Popular Dishes in Bermuda

Map of Bermuda
  • Hoppin' John - This favorite is made of papaya, rice and peas. It is a casserole that is often made with meat or chicken.
  • Hash - This dish is made from shark.
  • Peas and plenty - This is made from black eyed peas that have been cooked with salt pork, onions and rice.
  • Sweet potato pudding - This healthy favorite contains lemon or orange juice, cinnamon and cloves mixed with sweet potatoes.
  • Cassava pie - This dish is made up of chicken, pork, eggs, cassava and sometimes brandy. It is meaty but sweet and looks like a pie made of layers.
  • Bermuda shark - Shark prepared with mustard greens, peppers and onions.
  • Mussel pie - Slightly curried and thick clam stew served in a pastry shell.
  • Portuguese red bean soup - This favorite is made with potato, tomato, chunks of ham, onion and kidney beans.
  • Conch Chowder - This favorite is made up of celery, onion, tomatoes, salt pork, cream, potatoes, and mollusks.
  • Bermuda fish chowder - This is a spicy and thick dish that is often served with rum and sherry pepper sauce. It is made of salt pork, fish, onions, herbs and tomatoes.

Bermudian Drinks

  • Shandy - This is a popular Bermudian liquor.
  • Rum Swizzle - This drink of Bermuda is made of Demerera Rum, Jamaican rum and different citrus juices. It can be made with or without brandy.
  • Dark n' Stormy - This is a dark drink that is a mixture of local favorite rums which have been mixed with Barritt's Bermuda Stone Ginger Beer.

Info on Bermuda

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