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Brazilian Cuisine

History of Brazil

Brazilian Food History
Brazil is a very large country and its people come from many different backgrounds. There are different regions and each one has different food favorites. In 1500, the Portuguese came to the country and brought their cooking styles and favorite foods with them. In addition, the Portuguese brought sweets for desserts, sugar and citrus fruits.
As the Arabs, Japanese and Germans settled in the country, they brought their favorite foods and ingredients as well as cooking styles. This has allowed for a diverse type of cuisine.
In Southern Brazil, there is a strong German, Italian and European influence in the food and heritage. The foods of this region are full of wheat.

Feijoada - popular dish in Brazil

Food from Brazil

Traditional Food in Brazil
The food you will find in Brazil is often very different depending on the region you are visiting. For instance, in many parts of Brazil, manioc, black beans, and rice are very common. The foods you will find in this country are rich in culture and often contain a broad mix of influences. It is not unusual to find treats including guava, mango, papaya, passion fruit, pineapple, orange, yams and peanuts.
Instead of breakfast, Brazilians have café-da-manhã. This literally means "morning coffee." It often consists of cow's milk, yogurt, black coffee and white cheese. Also, it is common to have juice or coffee with bread rolls or slices of bread with butter or jam. Slices of carrot, orange or corn cake are also common.
For lunch, the menu is larger. For many, this is the largest meal of the day and it will often have salad, meat, rice and beans or other sides. Some Brazilians enjoy mid-afternoon or morning café, that will include hot milk, cookies and coffee.
For dinner, many Brazilians have a light meal of cheese, bread and cold meats.


Brazil Dishes

Map of Brazil

        Popular Dishes in Brazil

  • Bauru - This is a Brazilian sandwich. It includes cheese, roast beef slices, pickled cucumber and tomato served in a french bun.
  • Quindim - This favorite dessert is baked and is made up of ground coconut, egg yolks and sugar.
  • Pizza - Everyone knows how popular this meal is worldwide, but the Brazilians do it differently. They prefer a thin crust with only a little sauce, and many like to add ketchup and mayonnaise or mustard, as well as olive oil.
  • Cuscuz branco - This Brazilian dessert is made of milled tapioca that has been cooked with sugar and milk.
  • Pastéis - Small pastries that are shaped like squares or half-moons and are filled with many different things.
  • Coxinha - This delight is a chicken croquette that is shaped much like a thigh of a chicken.
  • Pão de Queijo - This is a little roll made up of manioc flour and cheese. It is soft and delicious.
  • Caruru - This dish contains dried shrimp, chicory, okra, alfavaca and palm oil.
  • Tacaca - A unique dish that is made up of jambu, chili pepper and garlic as well as shrimp.
  • Feijoada - This thick black bean and pork stew is one that cannot be missed. Often, it is served with white rice and orange salad.

Brazilian Drink

        Popular Brazilian Drinks

  • Garapa - Sugar cane juice added to pineapple or lime juice.
  • Cachaça - This is the native liquor of Brazil. It comes from sugar cane and is the main ingredient to the drink Caipirinha, which is Brazil's national drink.
  • Batidas - A mixture of cachaça, ice, sugar and fruit.

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