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Canadian Cuisine

History of Canada

Canadian Food History
In the late 1400's, England and France had fierce battles over who would have the privilege of colonizing Canada. John Cabot, an English explorer, landed in Newfoundland in 1497. It wasn't until 1534 that Jacques Cartier began to explore Canada for France. Just as Canada was split in two, the cuisine of the country was as well.
You can still find a mixture of the colonial influences in many parts of Canada. For instance, the language of most Canadians is English, but when you visit Quebec, the language is still French. This is just one of the many differences you will find in the many regions of Canada.

Oreilles de crisse - Popular Dish in Canada

Canadian Traditional Food

Traditional Canadian Food
The foods in Canada differ greatly depending on the region. In general, much of the traditional Canadian cuisine has strong British influences, but there are also American influences as well. These elements fluctuate depending on the season. French regions of Canada have very strong French influences in their foods. The foods commonly found in Canada include wild game and baked foods. Western provinces of Canada have strong German, British, Ukrainian, Italian, Scandinavian and Polish influences in their foods, while the region of Ontario and Waterloo feature a predominantly German influence. There is also a wide variety of Chinese food in Canada.
Much like Americans, Canadians have three meals daily and have a breakfast of fruit juice, tea, coffee, hot chocolate, pastries and cold cereal. Lunch is around noon and many Canadians choose to have soup or a sandwich.
Dinner often depends on the region, but it might consist of pork, chicken, seafood or beef. Many Canadians serve gravy with potatoes prepared in a variety of ways.


Dish in Canada

Canada Map

        Popular Dish in Canada

  • Beans and toast - This is a simple meal of baked beans served with toasted bread.
  • Nanaimo bar - This Canadian dessert is named after the city of Nanaimo, British Columbia. It is made up of a layer of wafer crumb and is topped with icing after which it is smothered in chocolate.
  • Tourtiere - Originally from Quebec, this meat pie is made of beef, veal or pork.
  • Figgy duff - This is a pudding found in Newfoundland. It is most often made of flour, sugar, raisins, molasses and butter and is then boiled in a bag.
  • Butter tarts - These sweets have filling made of eggs, butter and sugar, with pecans and raisins added for additional flavor.
  • Flipper pie - This is a Canadian meat pie made from the flippers of harp seals.
  • Oreilles de crisse - This dish is from Quebec and is made of pork jowls that have been deep fried and topped with maple syrup.
  • Poutine - This Canadian favorite is made up of cheese curds and gravy topped over fries.
  • Jiggs dinner - This is a very traditional meal. It is made of boiled potatoes, carrots, pickled salt beef, turnip, cabbage, dressing, bread pudding and cooked beef roast, chicken or turkey.
  • Montreal smoked meat sandwich - This favorite is served with pickles, coleslaw and potato chips.

Canada Drink

          Canadian Drink

  • Caesar - This is a commonly enjoyed cocktail that is made out of clamato juice, Tabasco sauce, Worcestershire sauce and vodka.
  • Canadian whisky - A whisky made in Canada.
  • Yukon Jack - This is a whisky based liqueur that is made in Canada.

Canadian Food Guide

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