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Cayman Cuisine

Cayman History

Cayman Islands Food History
The Cayman Islands are located in the Caribbean Sea between Honduras and Cuba. They were first colonized by Jamaica and later occupied by the British. The cuisine of the Cayman Islands is strongly influenced by the foods of Jamaica, as well as Britain. You'll find that many of the traditional dishes found in the Cayman Islands have a strong international twist.

Cayman Style Fish - popular dish in the Cayman Islands

Traditional Food in the Cayman Islands

Most traditional foods of Cayman Islands are made with seafood, fish, spices and vegetables. Because of its availability, seafood is the main ingredient for most Cayman dishes with Snapper, mackerel, dolphin, tuna and turtle being the most common. These ingredients are often made with onion and peppers, as well as tomato. People of the Cayman Islands like spicy food and one of the most common spicy sauces is made from peppers, vinegar, onions and tomatoes. Fish is often served during lunch or dinner and is added to salads, marinated, grilled or stewed. For breakfast, it might be served with ackee, or a fruit that is shaped like an egg and tastes a lot like scrambled eggs.


Popular Dishes in the Cayman Islands

Cayman Map
  • Caymanian fruit cake - Made up of fruits that have been soaked in cake wine, rum or cream sherry and butter, this is a favorite of the island.
  • Heavy cake - This dessert is made up of yam or cassava and has coconut milk and spices in it. It is heavy, sweet and spicy.
  • Cracked conch - This dish consists of conch that is made much like a breaded veal cutlet.
  • Coconut shrimp Turtle steak - This is a favorite among the islanders. It is often served with mango marmalade that serves as a dipping sauce.
  • Coconut dinner - This stew is made up of salt beef or fish that has been cooked in coconut milk. It also features vegetables, pumpkin, peppers and onions.
  • Mango chicken - This favorite is made up of chicken, milk, egg, mango, garlic and pepper.
  • Cayman Style Fish - This is lightly breaded and fried fish that is then tossed in tomato sauce and has been prepared with sweet peppers and onions.
  • Fish rundown - This slow cooked stew is made from breadfruit, coconut milk, snapper, cassava or yam and dumplings made of cornmeal.
  • Turtle stew - This stew features the meat of the green sea turtle. It is cooked slowly in its liquids and seasoned.
  • Jerk chicken - A dish consisting of chicken that has been marinated in hot spices.

Caymanian Drinks

  • Rum - In the Caymans, the most famous rum is called Seven Fathoms.
  • Caybrew - This popular beer is brewed from 100% Cayman ingredients.

About the Cayman Islands

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