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Costa Rican Cuisine

History of Costa Rica

Costa Rican Food History
Before the Europeans discovered Costa Rica, the natives had a diet that was pretty typical of others in the region. It focused primarily on rice and beans. When Columbus first came to the country in 1502, there was a huge interest in coffee that grew in Costa Rica. The Spanish occupied Costa Rica for 250 years, so their cuisine strongly influenced that of the native people. Even today, you can find Spanish influences in much of the foods found in this country.

Olla de carne - traditional food in Costa Rica

Food of Costa Rica

Traditional Food in Costa Rica
The traditional cuisine of Costa Rica is said to be mild and flavorful. Much of this type of food contains fresh vegetables and you can find them as side dishes, or in soups and stews. Vegetables such as tomatoes, carrots and cabbage are the main ingredients of the common salad. Corn is used to make everything from tortillas to corn pancakes.
A common breakfast might include a big bowl of black beans and rice that has been seasoned with peppers and onions with fried eggs, corn tortillas and sour cream. Lunch often consists of the native dish known as casado. This meal is made up of beans and rice that are served side by side. Also, this meal will include a meat such as chicken, pork or fish. Sides might include corn tortillas, white cheese and fried plantain.


Costa Rica Dishes

Map of Costa Rica

        Popular Dishes in Costa Rica

  • Cajeta de coco - This is a fudge made out of tapa dulce, coconut and orange peel.
  • Tres Leches - A custard flan that has three layers. It is the Costa Rican national dessert.
  • Gallos - This dish is beans, cheese or meat layered between tortillas.
  • Tortilla de queso - This thick tortilla has cheese in the dough.
  • Tacos - A salad of meat and cabbage that is tucked into a tortilla.
  • Tamales - Cornmeal that has been filled with chicken or pork, wrapped in banana leaves and then boiled.
  • Arreglados - Greasy puff pastries made with meat.
  • Gallo Pinto - This is another national dish. It is fried rice and black beans.
  • Arroz - Fried rice that is often served with shrimp or chicken.
  • Olla de carne - This is a Costa Rican stew that is made of potatoes, carrots, pears, plantains and beef.

Costa Rica Drink

          Drinks in Costa Rica

  • Coffee - Almost everyone in Costa Rica drinks and loves coffee.
  • Imperial - This is the most famous Costa Rican beer.
  • Granizado - This drink is made of very finely shaved ice with different flavors of syrup.
  • Horchata - This drink is sweet and spicy and is made of rice that has been roasted and ground.
  • Guaro - This liquor of Costa Rica is made out of sugar cane.

About Costa Rica

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