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Cyprus Cuisine

History of Cyprus

Cyprus Food History
Throughout its history, the island of Cyprus has been invaded and occupied by many different civilizations. Because of this, the traditional cuisine of Cyprus has been affected by the different people who have lived there. While the food in this country does carry strong Turkish and Greek influences, it is also widely affected by the climate, history and geography. Fast food and other kinds of western cuisines have also carried a strong influence on the day to day eating habits of the people in this country.

Katmer - popular dish in Cyprus

Food from Cyprus

Traditional Food in Cyprus
Cypriots who are Turkish and Greek believe that snails are a delicacy. Cooked with rice or in a mixture of onions, tomatoes or cinnamon, snails are enjoyed by many on the island.
Fish and other seafood dishes might include red mullet, sea bass, squid and octopus. Other common ingredients in cuisine found in Cyprus include fruits and vegetables. Common additions might be green beans, artichokes, green peppers, tomatoes, cucumbers, tomatoes, grape leaves and lettuce.
Cyprus is also famous for wonderful desserts, such as Turkish Delight or lokum.


Cyprus Dishes

Map of Cyprus

        Popular Dishes in Cyprus

  • Katmer - This famous dessert is made with dough sheets that are rolled, then twisted into cylinders and stuffed with walnuts or almonds, then glazed with sweet syrup.
  • Flaounes - These are Easter cakes that are made up of spices, herbs, eggs and cheese and wrapped in a pastry.
  • Pastish - This is a cookie that is made out of ground up almonds.
  • Sieftalies - These little sausages made of minced meat are grilled.
  • Halloumi cheese - Often made out of goat and sheep milk, this is a white, salty cheese. It is served with a garnish of mint.
  • Yemista - A favorite dish, it is made of tomatoes, stuffed peppers and onions. Filling for the peppers is grated tomatoes and rice with spices such as mint or parsley.
  • Kleftiko - Goat or lamb that has been wrapped in foil and baked in a special oven.
  • Mousakas - A common summertime favorite, it is eaten warm or cold. It consists of potatoes that are smothered in cream.
  • Skordalia - A sauce that is made when crushed garlic is mixed with a puree or almonds, walnuts or potatoes. The mixture is then beaten with olive oil.
  • Souvlaki - This popular dish contains bite sized pieces of meat and vegetables that are grilled on a skewer.

Cyprus Drink

  • Brandy Sour - An alcoholic cocktail, this is a national drink. This drink is unique because of its lemon flavor.
  • Zivania - Similar to Raki, this is another famous Cypriot drink.
  • Raki - This is an anise-flavored alcoholic beverage.
  • Ayran - Traditional yogurt based drink that is made of whey.

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