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Czech Cuisine

History of Czech

Czech Republic Food History
The cuisine in the Czech Republic has been strongly influenced over time by the people in the surrounding areas. From the German people came sauerkraut, dumplings and roast goose. From Austria came schnitzels, which are breaded and fried pork or chicken patties.
There are also influences from Eastern Europe and Hungary. The Czech Republic is a modern day crossroad to the other countries of Europe.

Goulash - popular soup in Czech Republic

Czech Foods

Traditional Food in Czech Republic
The foods of the Czech Republic are often characterized by lots of meat. Pork, chicken and beef are common. Many dishes also include wild game, rabbit, duck and goose.
The common Czech breakfast might be tea, coffee, or a slice of bread and some cheese, a piece of cake or salami. The main meal of the day is lunch, which often is made up of at least two courses. Often, soup is served first and second is the main dish. Then, a dessert might come afterward. Many Czechs eat salami, cold meat, eggs, cheese or slices of bread or vegetables for dinner.


Czech Dishes

Czech Map

        Popular Dishes in Czech Republic

  • Houbova Polevka myslivecka - This is also called Hunter's mushroom soup. It is made of onions, bacon and chopped musrooms.
  • Goulash - This is a soup or stew that is made of onions, vegetables, spices and beef.
  • Kolache - This pastry is made with fillings that range from cheeses to poppy seeds to cheese.
  • Ovocné knedlíky - This sweet favorite is simply dumplings that are made with apricots or plums. The whole fruit is covered with dough of curd or potato and then boiled. They are then served with sugar or butter. There are also varieties of this sweet that include cherry, peach or strawberry.
  • Bramboráky - These are pancakes that are fried. They are made of rough or finely grated raw potatoes, milk and flour.
  • Lentil soup - This soup is made of meat stock, red or green lentils, carrots, potatoes, parsley, onion and celery.
  • Utopenci - This common dish is actually pickled bratwursts that are cooked in a vinegar stock with bay leaf, raw onion, cayenne pepper and black pepper.
  • Smažený sýr - Cheese is breaded and fried and served with potatoes and tartar sauce.
  • Svícková na smetane - Also known as marinated beef sirloin. This is made up of vegetables such as celery root and onion, as well as parsley that is then spiced with, black pepper, thyme and bay leaf, then boiled with double cream.
  • Knedlo Zelo Vepro - Also called roast pork with dumplings and sauerkraut, this is one of the most commonly enjoyed meals. Made with cabbage or sauerkraut, the flavor ranges from sweet to sour.

Czech Drink

  • Czech liquor - Some of the more popular of these are called Fernet Stock and Becherovka.
  • Wine - Some of the most common wines of the Czech Republic include: Frankovka, Svatovavrinecké, Modrý Portugal, Muškát moravský.
  • Beer - Some brands are Pilsner Urquell and Budweiser Budvar.
  • Slivovitz - This is a plum based beverage that is often called plum brandy.

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