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Denmark Cuisine

Denmark History

Danish Food History
Throughout history, France had a strong influence on the culture and cuisine of Denmark. Other influences came from countries such as Greece, Italy and Spain. American culture has begun to have an influence on those who live in Denmark.

Pandekager - popular dish in Denmark

Food from Denmark

Traditional Food in Denmark
It is said that the food in Denmark is the very best in all of Scandinavia. It has ingredients that come from the cool moist climate of the north including rye, beetroot, greens, berries, barley and mushrooms.
Traditionally, a Danish breakfast might be made up of sliced cheese, buttered bread, Danish havarti cheese, coffee and strawberry jam. Occasionally, cold cuts such as rullepølse, kødpølse, and Danish salami are served. Most Danes eat cereal with milk as well.
Smørrebrød is common for lunchtime. It is dark bread with butter that has been topped with a slice of cheese, fish or meat.
Danes often enjoy roasted lamb, fried onion with liver, and beef. They also enjoy flæskesteg med rødkål, or roasted pork and red cabbage.


Danish Dish

Map of Denmark

        Popular Dishes in Denmark

  • Risalamande - Rice pudding eaten during Christmas night and served with a hot sauce of cherries.
  • Koldskål - Most often enjoyed during the summer months, this is a cold vanilla and buttermilk dish that is sweet.
  • Æblekage - A dessert of apples that are stewed and topped with bread crumbs and a meringue of crushed almonds.
  • Rødgrød med fløde - Strawberries that have been stewed and thickened with cream.
  • Pandekager - Very thin pancakes, much like crepes. They are rolled and served with strawberry jam and powdered sugar.
  • Æggekage - Much like an omelette, this is an egg cake that is made with flour to allow it to rise.
  • Øllebrød (beer bread) - Pudding that has been made of beer, rye bread and sugar.
  • Millionbøf - This is gravy that has tiny beef pieces, most often served over mashed potatoes or pasta.
  • Brændende kærlighed - Potatoes that are mashed with milk and cream or butter.
  • Rinker - Liver, kidney and heart mash that comes from pigs.

Denmark Drink

  • Gammel Dansk - A traditional liquor of the Danish. It is said to be the only kind of alcohol that can be enjoyed at breakfast.
  • Smørgåsbord Eggnog - This is a delightful liqueur much like posset. It is made of cream, sugar, beaten eggs and milk combined with whisky, rum or brandy and has nutmeg, ginger or cinnamon.
  • Akvavit - This is a kind of alcohol that is a lot like vodka. Distilled from grain or potato, it is commonly seasoned with many different herbs.
  • Mjød - This is one of the oldest recorded alcoholic drinks. It is honey with a sour aftertaste much like that or lemon rind. This drink also contains spices and herbs like cinnamon, nutmeg, fruit and cloves.

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