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Cuisine of Egypt

History of Egypt

Egyptian Food History
The history of food in Egypt dates all the way back to ancient times. Excavations by archaeologists have actually found that the people who worked on Giza's Great Pyramids were given their wages in onions, beer and bread. It is thought that this was the customary diet of Egyptians in the country.
Other fruits and vegetables such as cucumbers, dates, figs, peas, beans and grapes were very popular during these times as well. Barley and wheat were used in the making of beer and bread. Fish and different kinds of poultry were popular meats.
Throughout the history of Egypt food has carried a strong influence from nearby neighbors in the Middle East. Different people, such as the Greeks, Romans, Persians and Arabs carried a strong influence on the foods of Egypt from thousands of years before and recently, other Arabic people such as Palestinians, Syrians and the Lebanese have changed the way Egyptians eat.

Shawarma - popular dish in Egypt

About Egyptian Food

Traditional Food in Egypt
In the Egyptian diet, bread carries a lot of importance. Eaten with almost every meal, the rural or working class Egyptian meal will often consist of beans and bread. The favorite form of bread in Egypt is actually a type of thick pita bread.
Most of the working class cannot afford to eat a big meal. Because of this, the common diet includes beans, lentils and vegetables. A costly meat is only enjoyed for special occasions.


Dishes in Egypt

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        Popular Dishes in Egypt

  • Bram Rice - This dish is rice made with milk and served stuffed with chicken liver.
  • Torly - This is a plate of potatoes, carrots, baked squash, onions and tomato sauce.
  • Ruz Meammar - This is a dish of rice made with milk, cream, butter and chicken broth. It is then baked.
  • Kishk - This favorite is actually pudding made out of yogurt or milk and flour. Additional seasonings might include boiled chicken, chicken broth or fried onions.
  • Kibda - This traditional dish is fried liver with seasonings.
  • Baklava - This sweet flavor is rich and flavorful. It is layered dough filled with chopped nuts, then covered with honey or syrup.
  • Baba ghanoush - This is an Arab dish made of mashed eggplant that is mixed with seasonings. Often it is broiled over an open flame and then peeled. This gives the pulp a smoky flavor. It is often enjoyed as a dip served with pita bread.
  • Shawarma - This is a type of Middle Eastern sandwich made of shaved goat, lamb, chicken, beef or turkey.
  • Ful Medammes - This common Egyptian favorite is made of mashed fava beans that are served with a sauce of olive oil, onion, garlic, chopped parsley and lemon juice.
  • Koshary - This is a traditional Egyptian dish that is made up of brown chickpeas, macaroni, and rice. It is topped with garlic, vinegar and tomato sauce that is spicy.

Egyptian Drink

          Drinks in Egypt

  • Coffee - This is a traditional Egyptian drink. Served in small cups, coffee is a favorite in this country.
  • Tea - Egypt's national drink, the tea is sweet and black and most often not served with milk. It is served in a glass.
  • Sugar cane juice - This is a very common drink.

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