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Finnish Cuisine

History of Finland

Finnish Food History
In the early days, the harsh climate of this country caused fresh fruit and vegetables to be hard to come by for about nine months each year. This caused a strong dependence of potatoes, dark rye breads, turnips and dairy products. There were very few spices available except salt and fresh herbs could only be found during the summer.
The cuisine of Finland is very much like Swedish cuisine with the primary difference being a stronger desire for foods that are not sweet. Traditional Swedish rye bread often is full of spices and syrups, but the rye bread of Finland is not sweetened and is even a bit bitter. In addition to the strong Swedish influence of Finnish cuisine, German and Russian foods also influenced the dishes in Finland.

Kalakukko - popular dish in Finland

Traditional Food in Finland

Traditional Finnish Food
Much of the traditional foods of Finland contain meat, fish, mushrooms and vegetables. Fish and meat are a large part of traditional Finnish foods of the western region. From the east came dishes with mushrooms and vegetables.
The favorite drink of Finland is water, but buttermilk and milk are also common. Coffee can be found anywhere and is served all day, but tea is also available.
Commonly, breakfast consists of a sandwich with butter and toppings like cold cuts or cheese. The common drinks for breakfast include tea, coffee, milk and juice. The typical lunch is often fried fish, salad, steamed cauliflower, pea pods, and basil fried in garlic.


Finland Dishes

Finland map

        Finnish Dish

  • Mämmi - This favorite is an Easter Dessert Pudding. It is sweetened rye malt porridge that is baked in the oven and served with milk or cream and sugar.
  • Kalakukko - This is a traditional Finnish dish that comes from the Savonian region of the country. It is made of fish that has been baked into a loaf of bread.
  • Mustamakkara - This is a blood sausage that is often eaten with lingonberry jam.
  • Mykyrokka - This is a traditional soup of Finland. It consists of soup with dumplings made of barley and blood flour. These dumplings cook in the soup. It includes onion, meat, kidneys, liver, and potatoes.
  • Lohikeitto - This is a creamy soup made of salmon.
  • Lihapullat - Meatballs that are served with a gravy sauce.
  • Perunamuusi - This is mashed potato made with freshly boiled potatoes.
  • Leipäjuusto - This is a kind of cheese made from the rich milk of a cow that has recently had a calf. If not cow's milk, then goat milk or reindeer milk can also be used.
  • Hernekeitto - This is a soup made from dried peas.
  • Kaalikääryleet - These are cabbage rolls. Cabbage leaves are wrapped around many different fillings such as lamb, beef or pork that have been seasoned with spices, onion and garlic. Other grains like rice, barley, mushrooms, eggs and vegetables are often included.

Finland Drink

          Finnish Drink

  • Lakka - This liqueur is made in Finland. It gets its flavor from the cloudberry. This is made when the berries are soaked in alcohol from two to six months until sweet.
  • Kilju - This is a homemade alcohol common to Finland. It is made of water, yeast and sugar.
  • Sahti - This is a traditional Finnish beer made of different grains that include wheat, oats, barley and rye.
  • Finlandia vodka - This is made of all natural ingredients including the barley and spring water of Finland.

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