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Cuisine of Hong Kong

History of Hong Kong

Hong Kong Food History
The colony of Hong Kong was founded in 1831, which caused British and Western merchants to relocate there for the business opportunities. Over time, Hong Kong developed and there became a greater need for places to allow entertainment for the many businessmen in the colony. There were some Chinese restaurants that were founded at the end of the 19th century and beginning of the 20th century that were branch offs of the well known established restaurants. These places offered meals that were elaborate and enjoyable. For the Chinese who were not merchants, eating out in a restaurant was unheard of, so they simply enjoyed the food of peasants.
It wasn't until 1949, when Chinese refugees began to flee to Hong Kong that Shanghai food came to the area. Foods such as egg tarts and Hong Kong style milk tea soon became favorites in the colony.

Hainan Chicken - popular dish in Hong Kong

Traditional Food in Hong Kong

Much of the food of Hong Kong comes from the Cantonese culture. In addition to the native cuisine, many people enjoy French, Japanese, Italian, Thai, Korean, Indian, Vietnamese, Singaporean and Malaysian foods as well.
In general, the people of Hong Kong eat about five times each day. They might have breakfast of Hong Kong style milk tea or coffee that is served with fried eggs, ham and bread. For lunch, there is a main course that is often served with noodles or rice.
There is a meal during the afternoon tea time, or from the times of 2:00 to 6:00 pm. This might be a light snack of sandwiches with coffee or tea. There is also a late night meal in Hong Kong called Siu yeh. This meal comes after dinner and is often thought to be much like supper.


Hong Kong Dishes

Hong Kong on the map

        Hong Kong Dish

  • Lai Wong Bau - This is a kind of Chinese bread that has been shaped into buns before steaming. It has a lovely soft, fluffy texture. The buns are then filled with eggs, coconut, sugar and milk.
  • Salt and Pepper Crusted Squid - This is a dish where fresh squid has little cuts made into it. It is battered with a mixture of chili, garlic, salt and pepper.
  • Fish Balls - This is a favorite in Hong Kong. Served with a broth and noodles, this dish consists of cut up fish mixed with white pepper that is cooked in a stock of seafood or chicken.
  • Wontons - This is a type of ravioli with pork and prawn that has been poached in a spice stock. It is served with soup and egg noodles.
  • Crispy fried chicken - Chicken is fried to make the skin very crunchy, while keeping the meat tender.
  • Water spinach - This dish is made with different seasonings from shrimp paste to oyster sauce.
  • Hainan Chicken - This dish consists of chunks of chicken that have been steamed. They are served cold or slightly warm, then dipped in spring onions and ginger oil.
  • Steamed Whole Fish - This is fish that is made with soy sauce, coriander, chives and peanut oil.
  • Moon Cake - This is a moist pastry with different fillings that include adzuki bean, taro, lotus and whole egg yolk.
  • Cha Siu - These tender pork fillets are roasted then glazed with spices and honey. Served in thin slices, with strips of vegetables and steamed rice.

Hong Kong Drink

          Drinks in Hong Kong

  • Sugar cane juice - This is juice that is taken from pressed sugar cane.
  • Hong Kong style milk tea - This drink comes from Hong Kong. It is made of black tea and milk and is often served as an afternoon meal.
  • Red bean ice - The ingredients of this drink include light rock sugar syrup, milk and azuki beans.

About Hong Kong

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