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Hungarian Cuisine

History of Hungary

Hungarian Food History
The first Hungarians were nomadic people known as the Magyars. They arrived in modern day Hungary around 800 AD. The national dish of Hungary, goulash, goes all the way back to the eating habits of the Magyars. They would travel with dried meat that was cooked with onions. These meats were used to make stews.
During the 16th century, the Turks invaded Hungary and brought their methods of cooking to Hungary with them. The Turks taught the Hungarian people to cook foods such as eggplants and stuffed peppers. They also introduced coffee.
When the Austrians ruled Hungary, traditional Austrian and German dishes also influenced the diets of these people. It was during this time that the Hungarians began to develop famous cakes.

Húsleves - popular soup in Hungary

Food of Hungary

Traditional Food in Hungary
The traditional Hungarian diet is heavy in meat and seasonal vegetables, as well as fruits, fresh breads, honey, and different kinds of cheese. The most common Hungarian ingredient is called paprika. It is a red, powdered spice. It is used to help flavor many dishes. The national dish is meat stew.
The traditional Hungarian breakfast is quite large. It is usually some kind of sandwich made of butter, fresh bread, cheese, ham, or salami cold cuts. Occasionally, breakfast is made up of a cup of tea, coffee or milk with a pastry.
Traditionally, lunch is the main meal and has many courses. Appetizers that are hot or cold might be served first, after which there is soup and a main dish. Often, the main dish includes meat and salad or a sweet pastry. After this, comes the dessert.
For most, dinner is significantly lighter and is a lot like breakfast. It might consist of a sandwich, yogurt or a hot dog sausage with a bun.


Hungarian Dishes

Hungary on map

        Popular Dishes in Hungary

  • Lekváros Bukta or Bukta - A baked dessert filled with ground walnuts, jam or túró.
  • Gesztenyepüré - These are sweet chestnuts that have been cooked, mashed and mixed with rum and sugar, then topped with whipped cream.
  • Dobos torta - This is a layered sponge cake. It has chocolate paste and is glazed with nuts and caramel.
  • Rakott palacsinta - These are pancakes that are layered with a sweetened cottage cheese, walnuts, jam and raisins.
  • Stefánia szelet or Stefania slices - This is a Hungarian meatloaf where the middle has hard boiled eggs.
  • Lecsó - A kind of stew with mixed vegetables. It has tomato, onion, pepper, salt, ground paprika and sugar.
  • Fozelék - This is a kind of Hungarian dish with vegetables. It is thick and is often made with different ingredients that include green pepper, potatoes, tomatoes, cabbage, carrots, peas, mixed vegetables and kidney beans.
  • Töltött paprika - This favorite is stuffed peppers. It is made with ground meat, rice and peppers.
  • Húsleves - Veal meat or chicken soup with thin pasta.
  • Halászlé - This is a fish soup that is spicy. It is made with hot paprika.

Hungary Drink

          Hungarian Drink

  • Mineral water - Common brands include the Transylvanian brand of Borszéki, Apenta and Kékkúti.
  • Hungarian wine - The most famous of these are called Bull's Blood and Tokay.
  • Liquor - Some of the most popular Hungarian liquors include Unicum and Pálinka.

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