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Indian Cuisine

History of India

History of food in India
By the time of 7000 BCE, the Indus Valley was rich with eggplant, humped cattle and sesame. By the year 3000 BCE, there was also mustard, black pepper, turmeric and cardamom being harvested. With time, some of the people became vegetarians.
When the people from areas such as Arabia, the Mughal empire, Persia and central Asia invaded India, there came a major impact on the cooking of India. Influences came from traders, such as those who were Portuguese, and Arabs who helped add variety to the tastes of the people in India. Indians have embraced vegetables such as chili peppers, potatoes and tomatoes as essentials. From the British and Portuguese came New World vegetables such as squash, potatoes and tomatoes. These people also introduced a new way of cooking - baking.

Rajma - favorite dish in India

About Indian Food

Traditional Food in India
Those who live in India feel that having a healthy breakfast is essential. So, for breakfast, these people might have aloo paratha, which is a potato stuffed flatbread that has been fried, or eggs with toast. Other commonly enjoyed dishes for breakfast include halwa, which is a dish made with sugar, sliced almonds, butter and ground wheat.
For lunch, the people of India usually have a cooked vegetable dish, such as chapti (flat bread resembling a tortilla) and rice. For dinner, there are often up to three dishes made of vegetables and the standard rice and chapti. Dinner is often served late.


Dishes in India

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        Dishes from India

  • Kheer - A pudding made from rice and milk.
  • Malpoa - This is one of the oldest Indian homemade sweets. It is a type of pancake made of rice flour.
  • Gulab jamun - This is a common dessert made of milk balls that have been fried and soaked in syrup.
  • Barfi - This is a dried milk sweet made of pistachios and ground cashews.
  • Palak paneer - This dish is made of paneer cheese and spinach.
  • Rogan josh - This curry dish is fragrant and very popular.
  • Vindaloo - This is a dish that originates in Goa, India.
  • Momo - This is a kind of dumpling made with flour dough and water. It is then filled with cheese, meat and potato.
  • Thukpa - This is a soup with noodles that is often served with some kind of meat.
  • Rajma - This is a favorite dish in India. Made entirely of vegetables, it contains red kidney beans that are in curry sauce and has many Indian spices. It is often served with rice.

Drink in India

          India Drink

  • Beer - The number one beer in India is Kingfisher, with Hadia being a very popular beer of rice.
  • Chuak - This is a common rice beer made by soaking rice in water.
  • Fenny - This liquor is made from coconut.

About India

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