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Cuisine of Indonesia

History of Indonesia

Indonesian Food History
The foods and cooking techniques of Indonesia have been influenced by the Middle East, Europe, India, and China. Products from the New World were brought by the Portuguese and Spanish traders even before the Dutch established colonies in the islands. As Chinese traders and merchants came to the islands, so did stir-frying, soybeans and noodles. The Chinese also brought with them mung beans, mustard greens, Chinese cabbage and the daikon radish.
In the end, the Dutch ultimately won the right to colonize the Spice Islands, and this was what helped complete the flavors of the islands. The Mexican chili peppers helped add more spice. Caribbean cassava combined with South American sweet potatoes were offered as staples to Maluku and Irian Jaya.

Nasi Campur - popular dish in Indonesia

Traditional Food in Indonesia

Traditional food of Indonesia
Many Indonesians simply have a plate of fresh fruit that might include ripe papaya, rose apple and watermelon. A porridge of vegetables, fried rice, fried banana and chicken soup are also often served for breakfast.
For lunch in Indonesia, rice is the main dish, but many enjoy potatoes, shrimp, eggs and vegetable salads. Fruits and desserts make up the last lunch course with coconut, mangos and bananas rounding out the meal.
The typical Indonesian dinner might be something like gado-gado, sour soup, banana soup, vegetarian chili or beef broth with meatballs.


Indonesia Dishes

Indonesia on the map

        Indonesian Dishes

  • Kolak - This is a kind of Indonesian dessert made of palm sugar and coconut milk.
  • Spekkoek - This is a cake of layers made with dark and light batter layered on cured layer.
  • Nasi Campur - This meal is made with vegetables, peanuts, meats, fried shrimp, and eggs put on top of rice.
  • Karedok - This dish is a raw vegetable salad. It often includes bean sprouts, cucumbers, legumes, eggplants, and cabbage.
  • Mie Aceh - This dish is made of spicy noodles. The noodles are yellow and have beef slices. They may include seafood or goat that is covered with a spicy, rich curry soup.
  • Pempek - This delicacy is made of tapioca and fish.
  • Rendang - A meal made of beef chunks that have been stewed in a mixture of chili gravy and coconut milk.
  • Tekwan - This soup is made up of mushroom, bangkoang and fishcake.
  • Sayur asem - This essential part of Indonesian cuisine is a vegetable soup. Ingredients might include peanuts, melinjo, bilimbi, and long beans.
  • Gado-gado - This common Indonesian dish is a vegetable salad that is served with a dressing of peanut sauce.

Indonesia Drink

        Drinks in Indonesia

  • Bedang Jahe - A local tea of ginger.
  • Bandrek - This is a traditional drink of Indonesia. It is made of cinnamon, cloves, lemongrass, ginger, palm sugar, and calamondin.
  • Teh Talua - This common drink includes egg yolk, calamondin, sugar and tea.

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