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Irish Cuisine

History of Ireland

History of Irish Food
When Anglo-Normans first came to Ireland in 1169, the food in the country began changing. The newcomers introduced new staples such as beans, wheat and peas. The native people of Ireland began to make more complex meals. Customs were changing too, and the French and Italian ways of cooking began to influence the foods the upper class ate. In the late 1500's, Ireland was introduced to the potato, which eventually became the basis of the diet in Ireland. Most of the meats included pork, mutton and beef, but poultry, geese, shellfish and fish also became quite common. Since there was also a wide range of berries native to the country, berries also became a common addition to many meals.

Dublin coddle - popular food in Ireland

The food in Ireland

Traditional Irish Foods
The food in Ireland is well known for high quality fresh ingredients. Most of the cooking involve the use of spices or herbs, except the common pepper and salt. Most foods do not include gravy or sauce and most Irish meals include the potato. Even when it comes to scones, which are much like muffins or biscuits, the main ingredient is the potato. There are many different kinds of Irish soups, including those made with meat and seafood. Ireland is surrounded by water, which means that the Irish diet is rich in different kinds of fish and seafood, including scallops, salmon, mussels, oysters and lobster. Meat is more often enjoyed during a traditional Irish meal. The typical dinner for the Irish might include cooked whole potatoes, meat and cabbage.
The typical breakfast for someone in Ireland might include pancakes, porridge, soda bread, eggs and meat. For lunch, it is common to enjoy a soup with a slice of fresh baked bread and supper might consist of a snack during the later hours of the evening. It will often include bread with butter and milk.


Irish Dishes

Ireland on a map

        Irish Dish

  • Irish breakfast - This is famous in Ireland and around the world. It is a grilled or fried meal that is made up of egg, sausage, black and white pudding, bacon and tomato.
  • Colcannon - This traditional dish is made up of mashed potatoes, cabbage, salt, pepper and butter. It often has additional ingredients such as leeks, milk, onions, cream, garlic, boiled ham, chives and Irish bacon.
  • Skirts and Kidneys - This white stew is made from onions, thyme, kidneys, salt, water, potatoes, and white pepper.
  • Ulster Fry - This traditional meal is made of eggs, sausages, potato bread and bacon. It might also include baked beans, pancakes or fried mushrooms.
  • Goody - This favorite dessert is made when bread is boiled in milk with spices and sugar.
  • Bacon and cabbage - Famous to Ireland, this favorite is made up of bacon that has been boiled and is served with potatoes and cabbage.
  • Champ - This favorite is made by mixing mashed potatoes with butter, milk, salt, pepper and chopped spring onions.
  • Boxty - This is a kind of potato pancake. It is made of raw grated potato and mashed potato that is mixed with baking soda, flour, buttermilk and eggs.
  • Irish stew - This is a common Irish stew made from beef or lamb, carrots, onions, potatoes and parsley.
  • Dublin coddle - This is a soup made of sausage, potato, onion and bacon.

Irish Drink

        Irish Drinks

  • Mead - This is an alcoholic drink that is made when honey is fermented with yeast and water. It is often referred to as Honey wine.
  • Irish coffee - This is coffee with whipped cream and whiskey added to it.
  • Irish Mist - This is a whiskey liqueur that is made from Irish whiskey, clover honey, heather, herbs and other spirits.
  • Irish cream - This creamy liqueur is made with Irish whiskey, cream, coffee, and shamrocks. It can be served alone or mixed with other ingredients.

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