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Israeli Cuisine

History of Israel

Israeli Food History
In Israel, diversity helps create unique types of food. Residents have come from over 70 countries and have different backgrounds, customs and foods. In 1948, people began to come to Israel. With them, they not only brought some of the traditional Jewish dishes to the country, but also the foods from their homeland.

Hamantashen - popular food in Israel

Food from Israel

Traditional Food in Israel
Many of the foods typical to the Middle East include lentils, fresh fruit, nuts, flat bread, lamb, beef, raw vegetables, and dairy products. Some favorites include meat, fish, stuffed vegetables, and Mediterranean spreads and salads.
A typical breakfast might include olives, cheese, raw vegetables and bread. The most popular dishes in Israel are often very simple. The common lunch in this country might consist of shnitzel that includes different kinds of salads on the side and is served with mashed potatoes or rice and vegetables. For a full dinner, there is soup and a main dish containing lamb or chicken. For dessert, a Middle Eastern pastry such as baklava or fresh fruit may be eaten.


Israeli Dishes

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        Popular Dishes in Israel

  • Gefilte fish - These are fish balls or patties made up of ground fish - most commonly carp.
  • Kneidlach (Matzah balls) - These are dumplings made out of ground-up matzo and added to soup.
  • Matzah brei - This favorite is made with fried eggs and matzo.
  • Fazuelos - These are traditional pastries. They are made from thin fried dough. They are made out of eggs and flour.
  • Hamantashen - This Jewish favorite has a three cornered shape to it. It is made with fillings that include date, apricot, nut, apple, cherry, poppy seed, chocolate and fruit preserves.
  • Latkes - These are fried pancakes made of flour, egg and grated potato. They often include seasonings, garlic and grated onion.
  • Kreplach - These little dumplings are stuffed with mashed potatoes, ground meat or other things and they are served in a chicken soup.
  • Tzimmes - This is a traditional Jewish dish that is made up of carrots, beans and chickpeas and is commonly added to prunes, raisins, and other kinds of root vegetables.
  • Ptitim - This is a baked pasta made with wheat. Originally, it was shaped like grains of rice, but now it is mostly round. It is often boiled or made like pilaf and can be seasoned with herbs, sauces and spices.
  • Chicken soup - This is a very popular Israeli meal. It is made as a broth with vegetables that include carrot and celery, herbs like dill and parsley and onion.

Israel Drink

        Israel Drinks

  • Arak - This is a common Israeli liqueur that is flavored with anise and clear.
  • CafĂ© Afuch - Most commonly enjoyed coffee drink in the country.
  • Lemonana - A mint lemonade that is often served frozen and blended.
  • Beer - Common brands include: Maccabee, Nesher and Goldstar.

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