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History Of Morocco

Moroccan Food History
The first people who lived in Morocco were nomads called Berbers, who lived over 2,000 years ago. Their diet consisted of figs, dates and olives, poultry, and lamb. With time, traders came and other nations conquered the area ant this brought other food customs. The civilizations that came were the Romans, Carthaginians and Phoenicians. The most noticeable influence on the cooking of the natives came from the invasions of the Arabs during the 7th century AD. When the Arabs came, they introduced grain foods.

Morocco cuisine

Food From Morocco

Traditional Food in Morocco
Unlike many other countries in Africa, Morocco is able to produce all the food that its people need. There are many different kinds of home-grown fruits and vegetables found including melons, tomatoes, oranges, peppers, and potatoes. Other native ingredients that are essential to the Moroccan cuisine include dates, almonds, lemons, olives and figs. Since it is located on the Mediterranean, much of the Moroccan diet includes seafood and fish and as a result, beef is not often found in the foods of the country.
Many meals include a main dish such as a stew, a dish of couscous or a thick soup. This main dish is often served with salad, cold vegetables, bread or rice served on the side. A common breakfast often includes a dish called beyssara, which is dried fava beans that have been stewed with paprika and cumin. Lunch is the biggest meal of the day. Commonly, meals start with salads. Every meal includes bread and a dish of chicken or lamb. For the ending of the meal, there sweet mint tea.


Moroccan Dishes

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        Morocco Dishes

  • Ghriyyaba - This has a mild flavor of anise that is brewed from figs, then flavored with sesame seeds, aniseed, raisins or almonds.
  • Faqqas - This is a macaroon that is made out of semolina flour.
  • Harira - Traditional soup of Morocco based on tomatoes.
  • Pastili - This pastry is made up of dough that has been filled with nuts. It is sweetened with honey or syrup.
  • Sfenj - This doughnut is soaked in honey and sprinkled with sugar.
  • Ma'amous - These are little pastries that are filled with walnuts, pistachios or dates.
  • Ma'amoul - Small shortbread pastries filled with dates, pistachios or walnuts.
  • Tagine - This is made of chicken or lamb with ingredients that include apples, pears, raisins, olives, dates, lemons, nuts, prunes and honey.
  • Merguez - This fresh sausage is made out of beef or lamb and is filled into a casing of lamb intestine. It is then seasoned with chili pepper.
  • Ferakh Maamer - This dish is made from raisins and chicken, as well as almonds, sugar, honey, onions, ginger, cinnamon and garlic sauce.

Moroccan Drink

        Morocco Drink

  • Moroccan wine - The most famous brands are Guerrouane and Gris de Boulaouane.
  • Green tea with mint - This is the most common Moroccan drink.
  • Moroccan beer - Common brands include Stork and Flag Special.

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