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Nepal Cuisine

History Of Nepal

Nepali Food History
Situated in Southeast Asia, Nepal is full of agricultural fields and mountains. Subtropical climates allow agriculture of crops such as lentil, corn and rice. During the Middle Ages, the state of Nepal was strongly influenced by the people of China, India and Tibet. Spices originating in Tibet and India are still common in the cooking of Nepal. In the Kathmandu valley, different cultures have unified over the years.

Nepal foods

Foods Of Nepal

Traditional Food in Nepal
The climate in Nepal has allowed the country to grow many different crops including potatoes, corn, wheat, rice, and lentils. The food of Nepal is flavored with spices and seeds that include black pepper, onions, scallions, cilantro, mustard oil, cumin, ginger, garlic, coriander and turmeric.
Common breakfast might include a lentil soup called dahl, rice, vegetable dishes and vegetable curry.


Nepali Dishes

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        Nepal Dishes

  • Gundrook-Dheedo - This is a sugar-free meal that is made out of maize, dried green vegetable and wheat.
  • Shab Tra - This is a meat that is stir fried and tossed with fresh green chili, carrots and celery.
  • Thenthuk - This is a noodle soup that is made from wheat flour dough, mutton or yak meat and mixed vegetables.
  • Sekuwa - This is made from meat such as duck, mutton or chicken that is grilled.
  • Choyla - This is grilled or roasted spicy meat that often comes with liquor.
  • Momo - These are dumplings that are stuffed with minced meat and are then fried or steamed.
  • Maasu - This is a curried meat such as buffalo, pork, mutton or chicken.
  • Sag - These are green vegetables that are commonly offered with rice. They feature mustard greens and spinach.
  • Dal - This is lentil soup that is made of red, yellow or black lentils and served with rice.
  • Tarkari - Curry usually made with broth and a variety of vegetables. It can be made many different ways and with any type of vegetable.

Nepal Drink

        Popular Nepali Drink

  • Suja - This is tea that is salty and made of butter and milk.
  • Raksi - This clear drink is much like tequila and is often used as a mixer.
  • Jaand - This alcoholic beverage is often referred to as "Nepali beer."
  • Jard - This is a beer made from rice.
  • Chay - This tea drink also has milk, spices and ginger.

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