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The Netherlands Cuisine

History Of Netherlands

Netherlands Food History
Throughout history, the food of the Netherlands has been closely linked to the food of northern France. This can be seen throughout the Netherlands in Dutch restaurants and the cuisine of the Southern region.
Around the 17th century, many of the most popular dishes today became available for the upper class. These foods contained lots of meat, nuts, cheese and fruits as well as wine.
As education became more available, many girls were sent to a new kind of school called the Huishoudschool, or housekeeping school. This is where younger women learned to become servants. They would learn how to cook simply and inexpensively. The foods were based on many Dutch meals.

Food from the Netherlands

Food Of The Netherlands

Traditional Dutch Food
Dutch food has been shaped by farming and fishing. This includes specially cultivating soil to not only raise crops but also to domesticate animals.
As such, the Dutch people are known for wonderful dairy products, especially cheese. Most cheeses from the Netherlands are semi-hard or hard. Some of the most famous include Edam, Leyden and Gouda.
There are different kinds of dried sausages that are found throughout the country and most of them have a strong flavor. In fact, many villages in the Netherlands have their very own type of sausage.
A traditional breakfast and lunch in the Netherlands will likely contain many different cheeses, cold cuts and toppings that are sweet. Dinner is often served early. A good traditional Dutch dinner is made up of potatoes, beans, vegetables and meat. Often, a dinner will include a dish called stamppot, which is mashed potato mixed with other vegetables that have been mashed.


Netherlands Dishes

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        Dutch Dishes

  • Boerenkoolstamppot - This is a dish that is made from mashed potatoes that have been mixed with cabbage. It is eaten with smoked sausage.
  • Erwtensoep, or snert - This is Dutch pea soup. It is thick and made of green split peas, celery, onions, pork, carrots and potato. Dutch smoked sausage is added just before serving.
  • Balkenbrij - This is a traditional dish in the Netherlands. Most often, it is made of stock that comes from sausages such as liverwurst. It is boiled with flour and blood, which turns black, as well as cuts of liver, kidney, lungs and bacon. All of the meat is twice cooked and ground with special spices, flour or oatmeal.
  • Spekkoek - This is a cross between Dutch and Indonesian cuisine. It is a firm layered cake.
  • Oliebollen - This is a dumpling that is made by scooping out dough and dropping it into a deep fryer.
  • Pannenkoeken - This is a traditional Dutch pancake. Apples, smoked bacon, fruit, cheese, raisin or ginger are added.
  • Slavink - This dish is made of ground meat called "half and half" or half pork and half beef that is bacon wrapped and has been cooked in vegetable oil or butter.
  • Zuurkoolstamppo - This is sauerkraut that has been mashed with potatoes and is then served with sausage or fried bacon.
  • Hete bliksem - This is a dish of potatoes and green apples that have been boiled and served with syrup.
  • Hotchpotch - This favorite is made of carrots, onions, and potatoes. It is often served with meat such as smoked sausage or bacon.

Dutch Drink

        Netherlands Drink

  • Liquor - Favorites include Jenever, which is a gin and Kraamanijs, which is a liquor made of aniseed.
  • Oranjebitter - This is orange brandy.
  • Brandewijn - This is also a type of brandy.
  • Grolsch, Heineken and Amstel - These are three common brands of beer from the Netherlands.

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