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Norway Cuisine

The History Of Norway

Norwegian Food History
Norway is a country in Northern Europe that occupies the western part of Scandinavia. It borders Russia, Sweden and Finland. Because of its location, much of the early cuisine was based off of foods that could be found in the nature. The food is different in Southern and Northern Norway mostly due to the difference in staple foods and methods of preparation.

Norway foods

Food From Norway

Traditional Norwegian Foods
Most of the food in this area is fish and game meat. One of the most common is smoked salmon. It is cooked many ways and is served with dill, egg and different kinds of sauces. Other kinds of fish that are commonly eaten are smoked herring, sardines, cod and mackerel. Whale meat and horsemeat are often used to make Norwegian sausages.
A common breakfast in Norway is smoked salmon that has been thinly sliced and eaten with toast. A smoked salmon sandwich is not complete without the traditional hard-boiled egg. Also, there is often coffee.
Lunch is made of some kind of bread and snack instead of a large warm meal, but dinners are usually large.
Norwegians eat lots of frozen pizza.


Norwegian Dishes

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        Norway Dishes

  • Krumkake - This is a traditional waffle cookie in Norway. It is made of eggs, butter, cream, sugar and flour.
  • Smalahove - This is a traditional meal that is made from the head of a sheep. It is salted, smoked, and boiled for a very long time.
  • Lutefisk - This is a traditional meal for many Nordic countries. It is made from dried cod or klippfisk.
  • Fiskesuppe - A common fish soup that is milk based. It contains vegetables such as onions, potoatoes, and carrots.
  • Svinekoteletter - This favorite is pork chops that have been braised and served with fried onions and potatoes.
  • Svinestek - This is a kind of roasted pork that comes with vegetables, potatoes, pickled cabbage and gravy.
  • Fårikål - This is a stew of mutton that contains cabbage, salt and pepper and is served with potatoes.
  • Stekte pølser - These are fried sausages. They are served with potatoes, vegetables, peas and gravy.
  • Pickled herring - The pickling is made out of sugar, vinegar, spices and herbs such as onions and dill.
  • Fiskeboller - This famous dish is fish balls that are made from cod mixed with cream, eggs, mik and flour. It is a very common Norwegian meal.

Norwegian Drink

        Norway Drink

  • Coffee - This is very common in Norway.
  • Aquavit - This is an alcoholic drink. In Norway it is spiced with anise and caraway. The most common include Linie, Gammel, Opland, Lysholm, Gilde Non Plus Ultra and Taffel.
  • Norwegian beer - Some common brands include Frydenlund, Hansa and Ringnes.

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