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Poland Cuisine

History of Poland

Poland Food History
In 900 AD, the Roman Catholic rituals of fasting and feasting were introduced to the people of Poland. This had a strong influence on the way that the Polish ate. During the time of fasting, meat is not consumed, so the Polish people have adapted and created many meatless meals.
Poland is located right between Germany and Russia, which has forced the country to create many alliances based on politics throughout its history.
When the Italian queen Bona Sforza became the second wife of Sigismund I of Poland in 1518, it encouraged many cooks to come to Poland from Italy. Therefore cabbage, celeriac, lettuce and leeks were used much more often. There were other foreign dishes that also came to Poland including Hungarian goulash, French pastries and Ukrainian borscht. These dishes have all become part of the tradition of Polish food.

Polish Traditional Food

Food from Poland

Traditional Polish Food
Poland has a rich land, which has allowed many cereal grains to grow and encouraged the dietary staple to develop. These grains include barley, buckwheat and wheat. Meat is also an essential part of the Polish diet with pork being the most common, and with the most frequently enjoyed dish being fried pork cutlets with sauce. The polish people also enjoy eating pickled and smoked fish, including herring.
Poles enjoy very filling, hearty meals. A common breakfast might include boiled or scrambled eggs, buttered rolls, bagels and hot cereal. It is also common for ham and other meat and cheese to be served for breakfast. Additionally, tea with milk, coffee and cocoa are common beverages.
Often, there is a light meal, known as a "second breakfast" that is eaten between the hours of 11:00 am and 1:00 pm. This might include soup, fried eggs, a sandwich or cold meats. Dinner is the main daily meal and is served late in the afternoon. This includes one dish made of meat, a boiled vegetable or salad, soup, potatoes, dumplings, or a dish of grains.
The last meal of the day is the lightest and is served between 8:00 pm and 9:00 pm. It is usually made up of a main dish that is hot or cold, vegetables that have been pickled and a dessert. Often, hot cocoa and hot tea with lemon are also served.


Polish Dishes

Poland on the map

        Popular Dishes in Poland

  • Szarlotka - This favorite is a cake made with apples and occasionally served with whipped cream.
  • Knedle - This favorite consists of dumplings made of potatoes and stuffed with plums or other fruit.
  • Nalesniki - These are omelettes that are stuffed with cottage cheese, fruit or jam.
  • Pierogi - This is a common food of Poland. They are little dumplings larger than ravioli, and filled with mushrooms, cheese, potatoes, sauerkraut or fruit.
  • Golabki - These are cabbage packages that are filled with meat and rice.
  • Klopsiki - This is a kind of meatloaf with tomato sauce.
  • Kurczak de volaille - This is a meal of chicken steaks that have been covered with butter and filled with mushrooms before being covered with bread crumbs.
  • Olonka w piwie - This is a pork knuckle sometimes served in a beer sauce with horseradish.
  • Barszcz czerwony - This is a soup of beetroot that includes sour cream and vegetables and is often served with dumplings.
  • Chlodnik litewski - This is a cold beetroot and yogurt soup served along with a hard-boiled egg.

Polish Drink

        Drinks in Poland

  • Polish Nalewka - This is an alcoholic beverage that has about 40 or 50% alcohol. It is naturally flavored with fruits or herbs. Sugar, honey and syrup are often used in addition to spices and fruits to flavor it.
  • Zubrowka - This is the traditional vodka of Poland.
  • Zoladkowo- Gorzka - This vodka is made with dried fruits and herbs.
  • Polish mead - It is made with honey that has been combined with water and fermented. Ginger, pepper, vanilla, cinnamon and juniper are often used to flavor this drink.

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