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Portugal Cuisine

History of Portugal

Portugal Food History
During the 15th century, Prince Henry the Navigator sent his explorers to travel and return to Portugal with nuts, plants and exotic fruits that they found. This led to what is called "The Age of Discovery" which changed the preparation of food in Portugal and around the world.
With these changes, potatoes, tomatoes, Brazilian pineapple, and coffee from Africa were brought to Portugal. The Romans contributed onions, olives, grapes, garlic and wheat.

Foods from Portugal

Foods in Portugal

Traditional Portuguese Food
The food in Portugal is often filling, rich and full of flavor. It is very much like the food of the Mediterranean. The former colonies of Portugal contributed many different spices that include piri piri (small, spicy chili peppers), as well as cinnamon, black pepper, saffron and vanilla. Olive oil is also one of the common bases of the foods of Portugal.
The typical breakfast in Portugal might be made up of butter, cheese, fresh bread and fruit preserves or cheese that is served with milk or strong coffee. Also common are sweet pastries and breakfast cereals that are mixed with fruit, yogurt or milk.
Traditional lunches are served between 1:00 pm and 3:00 pm and dinner is often served late, or after about 8:00 pm. Often, dinner includes three courses, one of which is soup. Commonly, the soup is made with sausage chunks, shredded cabbage and potatoes.


Dishes from Portugal

Portugal on the map

        Portuguese Dishes

  • Portuguese sweet bread - This is bread made of sugar, honey and milk used to create a lightly sweet loaf with texture. It is made around Easter or Christmas.
  • Ueijada de - This is a candy made in Sintra, Portugal. It is small and is made with eggs, milk, sugar and cheese.
  • Fios de ovos - This is a sweet traditional Portuguese dish made out of sugar and eggs.
  • Linguiça - This is a kind of cured pork sausage that has been seasoned with paprika and garlic.
  • Cozido or cocido - This is a traditional Spanish and Portuguese dish. It is a stew made with vegetables and meats.
  • Caldeirada - This stew is made of many different fish and shellfish and often has onions, tomatoes and potatoes.
  • Bolinhos de bacalhau - This dish is made out of codfish, parsley, eggs and potatoes.
  • Blood pudding - This is a sausage that is made with dried or cooked blood. It is also known as blood sausage.
  • Alheira - This is a sausage made out of different meats including chicken, duck, rabbit, or veal.
  • Açorda - This is a traditional Portuguese meal made of mashed garlic bread, olive oil, salt, eggs, water and coriander.

Drink in Portugal

        Portugal Drink

  • Liqueur - Very common on Portugal. Some kinds include Ginjinha and Licor Beirao.
  • Wine - This is a very popular drink in Portugal. Common kinds include Vinho Verde, Vinho do Dao, Mateus, Moscatel, Alendejo and Vinho da Bairrada.

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