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Scotland Cuisine

History of Scotland

Scotland Food History
Scotland always had many sources of food for its people. Early settlers depended on rivers and oceans for fish, and oats became a very common crop. During medieval times, only the Scots with money could eat meat, but on very special occasions, a middle class family might have had meat to eat. Many used their animals for essential dairy products. A typical meal of this time would be a stew made up of herbs, root vegetables, cheese and bread. Bread was the main source of carbohydrates until the time that Sir Walter Raleigh introduced the potato to the people.
French foods have influenced Scottish cuisine way back to the time of Mary Queen of Scotts. Much of her staff, including the cooks were French and it is thought that they brought many French ingredients and cooking styles with them. Throughout the 19th and 20th centuries, there was a lot of immigration of Italians to Scotland and in later years those from Pakistan, India and the Middle East also traveled to Scotland. The addition of these cultures has dramatically affected Scottish cooking.

Foods from Scotland

Food from Scotland

Traditional Scottish Food
The traditional Scottish type of cooking is based off of locally grown fruit, vegetables, and dairy products, and caught fish and meat.
Appetizers are available in many different varieties and they often include Haddie - stuffed artichokes and smoked salmon. Basic ingredients often include fish, butter, spices and flour. Appetizers are offered before meals and often have lots of pepper in them.
A typical breakfast in Scotland might be made up of eggs and sausage, bacon and sometimes blood sausage or potato scones. Scottish soups are often served during lunch with natural and fresh ingredients. With flavors such as apple and tomato soup, the dishes are delightful. Often, a salad is served as an appetizer or garnish to a meal and many of them are high in nutrition. The typical scottish salad is made up of fruits, vegetables and meat.


Scotland Dishes

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        Popular Dishes in Scotland

  • Black bun - This fruit cake is covered with pastry. The mix is made of raisins, almonds, citrus peel, currants, ginger, cinnamon, and pepper.
  • Rollmops - These are fillets of pickled herring that have been rolled into a cylinder around onion or green olive slices. Rollmops are often held together with toothpicks.
  • Cranachan - This is a common dessert in Scotland. It is made from whiskey, honey, whipped cream and raspberries. It is topped with oatmeal.
  • Mince and tatties - This scottish favorite is made of mashed potato and minced beef.
  • Scotch broth - This is a thick soup made of lamb cuts or mutton, and vegetables like carrots, turnips and barley. Cabbage and leeks are also often added.
  • Cock-a-leekie soup - This soup is made from chicken stock and leeks. Sometimes prunes are added.
  • Square sausage - This is a very common food in Scotland. It is sausage meat put into a square and sliced.
  • Stovies - This traditional scottish dish is made of potatoes, onions and roasted or corned beef.
  • Scotch pie - This is a double crusted meat pie that is filled with meat or minced mutton.
  • Forfar Bridie - This is a scottish meat pastry that was originally from Forfar. Minced beef with spices and onions is put on a rolled pastry that has been folded into a shape like a semi-circle and baked.

Scottish Drink

        Drinks in Scotland

  • Irn-bru - This is a common carbonated soft drink that is made in Cumbernauld, Scotland.
  • Drambuie - This is an herb and honey flavored liqueur that is made out of malt whiskey, honey heather, as well as herbs and spices.
  • Scotch mist - This is a cocktail that is made mostly of whiskey.
  • Atholl Brose - This Scottish drink is made with oatmeal brose, whiskey, honey and cream.

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