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South American Cuisine

South America

                    South American Cuisine

The food in South America is very diverse and has a full array of flavors. Even before the Europeans came to South America and brought their own food, South America had a great agricultural system and a variety of crops. Corn, chili peppers, potatoes, yams, and lima beans were all grown by the South Americans. South American food became even more rich and distinct when the Europeans discovered America and brought with them almonds, citrus fruits, and wheat. It was especially influenced by Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, German, and French cuisines. Therefore, South American recipes contain a blend of native and European ingredients. Corn and potatoes are regarded as the most important and oldest South American crops. There are many different methods that South Americans use today to prepare potatoes. Some of these include baked, fried, and mashed. Tropical fruits are also very important components of South American cuisine. These include guava, papaya, pineapple, coconut, and mango. The tropical fruits give South American dishes a spicy and tangy flavor that many people around the world love. Because of the vast amount of seafood in the Pacific Ocean, fish and shellfish are commonly eaten at dinner. King Crab, Antarctic Krill, tuna, and lobster are especially South American delicacies. Countries such as Argentina and Chile consume a lot of venison and lamb. Soups and stews are also essential dishes in South American cuisine. Black beans and meats such as pork and beef are often used in South American stews.


The typical Argentine food diet contains lots of protein, especially in the form of beef. Many meals include grilled meat and it's very common to find steak and beef ribs in many recipes. Patagonia features lots of lamb and goat recipes. Many snacks and sandwiches include breaded and fried meat. It's also common to find lots of vegetables and salads in the Argentine diet including onions, lettuce, zucchini, eggplants and tomatoes.

Milanesa - popular dish in Argentina

Tacaca - popular dish in Brazil


The food in Brazil is often very different depending on the region you are visiting. For instance, in many parts of Brazil, manioc, black beans, and rice are very common. The foods you will find in this country are rich in culture and often contain a broad mix of influences. It is not unusual to find treats including guava, mango, papaya, passion fruit, pineapple, orange, yams and peanuts.


There are many different foods in Chile. There is everything from beef to seafood and all kinds of fresh fruits and vegetables. For breakfast, most Chilean people have bread with a topping and tea or coffee. Since lunch is the main meal of the day, there will often be two main dishes served. One of these is often a salad with seafood.

Chilean salad - popular dish in Chile



Ecuador is famous for the many exotic fruits it produces as well as Andean potatoes and seafood. The food in this country is very diverse depending on the location and agricultural growing abilities. Chicken, beef, pork and guinea pig are often enjoyed in the mountainous regions. These meats are often served with potatoes, corn and rice. The food of Ecuador commonly includes many different fruits and vegetables, but there are also many different pastries, breads and patties filled with meat that can be found in the cuisine.


The three most common foods of Peru are beans, potatoes and corn. They are often combined with many other foods that the Spanish introduced including meat, rice and wheat. The food of Peru is largely made up of dishes that are spicy. It became a blend of local food and food from Spain. Fresh vegetables and fruits, as well as meats are the building blocks of the tropical diet of the Peruvian people.

Arroz con pollo - popular dish in Peru


                    Pabellon criollo - popular dish in Venezuela

Venezuelan foods contain a mixture of Native Indian, European and African influences. In addition, there are many influences from the Caribbean with ingredients and flavors. This food uses many ingredients including onions, garlic and sweet peppers. Corn is also a common food that is eaten in the area and is often used to make foods like pancakes. Most Venezuelans choose to eat arepas instead of bread. These are baked corn pancakes that can be plain or filled.

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