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Cuisine of South Africa

History of South Africa

South-African Food History
The people of early South Africa were primarily hunters and gatherers. They would mostly eat foods like crayfish, coconuts, squash and tortoises. Modern agriculture did not arrive until the Bantu people of Northern Africa introduced it to them. They actually taught the South Africans to grow foods including sweet potatoes, squash and corn.
Almost 200 years after the Portuguese arrived in South Africa, it was the Dutch who established the first European settlement on the Cape of Good Hope in 1652. Dutch people introduced foods such as watermelons, cucumbers, pineapples, potatoes and pumpkins. The French began to establish vineyards, Germans brought pastries and baked goods, and the British introduced meat pies. Other foods from China, India and Indonesia also had an influence on the South African diet.

Food of Africa

Food from South Africa

Traditional South African Food
The mild climate in South Africa allows the growth of many different fruits and vegetables such as cabbage, corn, potatoes, peppers, green beans, sunflower, pineapples, bananas and mangoes. Seafood is also a South African essential.
The average South African will eat three meals daily with a breakfast of hot cooked cereal such as putupap, cornmeal porridge much like grits that is served with sugar and milk. Putupap, as well as Mealie bread, which is a kind of corn bread, are served as part of lunch or dinner as well. In the morning, coffee and tea are commonly served.


South Africa Dishes

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        South Africa Dish

  • Isidudu - A meal made of cabbage, pumpkin and liver.
  • Bobotie - This dish is made of meat that is spiced and minced, then baked with a topping based on eggs.
  • Potjiekos - This is a common African stew made of vegetables and meat.
  • Sosatie - This is a traditional meal made of meat such as mutton or lamb that is put on skewers and cooked.
  • Tomato bredie - This South African stew is often made using mutton. It is slow cooked and is seasoned with cardamom, ginger, cinnamon, cloves and chili.
  • Umngqusho - This dish is made of corn kernals, made with butter, onions, potatoes, sugar beans, lemons and chilis.
  • Vetkoek - These are dough balls that are deep fried and stuffed with a kind of meat.
  • Trotters and Beans - This dish is made from boiled sheep or pig's trotters, then cooked with beans and onions.
  • Biryani - This is a kind of food that based on rice and spiced with fish, eggs, meat or vegetables.
  • Melktert - This is a popular dessert. It is a pastry that is sweet and has a cream filling made out of flour, milk, sugar and eggs.

Drink in South Africa

        South Africa Drink

  • Van Der Hum - This is a liquor based off of tangerines.
  • Mageu - This is a traditional non-alcoholic beverage that is South African.
  • Umqombothi - This is a kind of beer.

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