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Spanish Cuisine

History of Spain

Spain Food History
Spain has a very long history of being invaded which had influenced Spanish food. From Greek and Roman culture came olives, olive oil and wine. From the Celts came the fish and meat pies and the Moors contributed ingredients such as citrus fruits, spices, almonds, honey, cumin and saffron. During Roman times, lentils were already eaten by soldiers in the army. Fava beans were also commonly eaten and the Romans thought they were sacred.

Pescado frito - popular dish in Spain

Spain Food

Traditional Food in Spain
There are many different types of food in Spain, but only a few are common throughout the country. While some of these dishes can be traced back to a specific area, they are still considered common to the country. Many favorites have a bean base, with ingredients such as lentils, green beans and chickpeas. Also common are breads and soups.
A traditional breakfast in Spain is made up of churros that have been covered with sugar and dipped in hot chocolate. Lunch, also known as comida is the main meal of the day and often is larger than dinner. Lunch is made up of many courses with the first being soup or salad and the second being a meat or fish dish. Dessert follows and is often a piece of cake or fruit. Dinner in Spain often consists of a sandwich or salad.


Spanish Foods

Map of Spain

        Popular Dishes in Spain

  • Tumbet - This traditional dish is made of vegetables. It has layers of potato slices, red bell peppers that have been fried in olive oil and aubergines.
  • Escalivada - This is a salad made of many different kinds of vegetables that have been grilled. Ingredients include red peppers, red tomatoes, sweet onions and egg plants.
  • Pescado frito - This is an old dish of fish that has been deep fried in vegetable oil to keep it crisp and light.
  • Gazpacho - This is a raw vegetable soup. It is tomato based and comes from the southern parts of Andalusia.
  • Fabada Asturiana - This stew has white beans, morcilla, pork shoulder, saffron and chorizo.
  • Paella - This rice dish is Valencian. It is made of green vegetables, meat, white rice, beans, land snails and different seasonings.
  • Torta de Aceite - This is a crispy and flaky biscuit. It is made up of extra virgin olive oil, wheat flour, sesame seeds, almonds anise flavor and anise seeds.
  • Spanish omelette - This is a common Spanish meal consisting of an omelet that is made of eggs and fried potatoes.
  • Marmitako - This is a traditional stew made of fish, onions, tomatoes and potatoes.
  • Cozido - This is a traditional Spanish dish. It is a stew that is made of vegetables and meat.

Spanish Drinks

          Popular Spanish Drinks

  • Zurracapote - This is a favorite alcoholic mixed drink. It is made of red wine and fruits such as lemons and peaches.
  • Sidra - This is a popular drink that is made out of fresh apples.
  • Brandy de Jerez - This is a very famous brandy made in Spain.
  • Wine - This is the Spanish national drink. Some of the more famous wines include Graciano, Mencia, Godello, Loureira and Carinena.

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