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Sweden Cuisine

History of Sweden

Swedish Food History
The climate and location of Sweden are a large part of the reason why the cuisine of the country became what it is today. Early people chose to put foods away in preparation for the beginning of the long, cold winter. They would preserve fish, fruit, meat and vegetables.
The Vikings inhabited all of the Scandinavian countries more than a thousand years ago and were the very first to come up with ways to preserve their foods, which were dehydrated, cured and salted.
With time, different foods arrived from other areas including tea, sauces, soups, and honey cakes. These delights were incorporated into the foods of Sweden and even today, the Swedish find that soup is a good way to use leftovers.

Sweden foods

Food from Sweden

Traditional Swedish Food
Some of the traditional dishes of Sweden are hundreds of years old, but are still an essential part of the everyday meals of the people. There is a very long coast and many rivers and lakes. This makes seafood and fish a large part of the Swedish diet and most Swedes love seafood including salmon that is usually marinated or smoked.
A common Swedish breakfast is a sandwich made of different kinds of soft breads, cottage cheese, cream cheese, cold cuts, eggs, goat cheese, cucumbers, tomatoes or toast. All this is often served with juice, coffee and honey.
There are many different kinds of smoked salmon or herring that people eat for lunch. It is often served with potatoes that have been boiled.
A common Swedish dinner is meatballs with mashed potatoes and gravy, potatoes and fish that have been boiled with dill, or potato pancakes with roasted pork and brown beans.


Swedish Dish

Sweden on the map

        Swedish Dishes

  • Chokladboll - This is a popular pastry in Sweden. It is made of sugar, coffee, cocoa, oatmeal and butter.
  • Inkokt lax - This dish is salmon that has been boiled with carrots, onions, salt, vinegar, and sugar.
  • Janssons frestelse - This is a casserole made of potatoes, cream, and onions.
  • Kåldolmar - These are cabbage rolls filled with rice and minced pork. They are often enjoyed with gravy and boiled potatoes.
  • Kalops - This is meat that has been stewed with vegetables, spices and onions.
  • Kroppkaka - This dish is made of potato dumplings that are filled with pork, bacon and onions. Often, wheat flour, onion, minced pork and salt are added.
  • Pyttipanna - This is a dish of meat, onions and pre-boiled potatoes that have been chopped. Often, salmon, bacon, sausages, and herbs are added.
  • Flygande Jacob - This is a chicken based casserole that has peanuts, bacon and bananas.
  • Spettekaka - This is a dry, hollow cake that is cylindrically shaped and found in Southern Sweden.
  • Klappgrot - This is a pudding made of semolina that has been mixed with red currants, raspberries, blackberries, lingonberries and lemon juice. Everything is mixed together until it has a fluffy texture.

Swedish Drink

        Sweden Drink

  • Champis and Pommac - These are carbonated beverages that are good alternatives to sparkling wine.
  • Beer - Pilsner Urquell, Carlsberg and Heineken are common brands.
  • Brännvin - This is liquor made out of grain and potatoes.
  • Vodka - Common brands include Absolut Vodka and Explorer Vodka.

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