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Switzerland Cuisine

History of Swiss

Swiss Food History
The food of the Swiss is unusual in that it has so many regional influences from the cuisine of its neighbors. This includes the French, German and Italians. Historically, Switzerland was a farming country, and the most popular crops and foods include cheese and potatoes as well as chocolate.
The languages of Switzerland include French, Italian, Romansh and German. Each nation offers special meals, and many of them can be found in Switzerland.

Cuisine of Switzerland

Food of Switzerland

Traditional Food in Switzerland
There are many different dishes in Switzerland that are regional. Italian food is very common in modern Switzerland including pasta and pizza. Swiss cheese includes Emmental cheese, Vacherin and Appenzeller.
The typical Swiss breakfast might include margarine, bread and butter, honey, cheese, cereal, milk, hot or cold chocolate, coffee and tea.
For lunch, there is a meal of pasta, potatoes, meat, fish, seafood and vegetables. Vegetarian dishes have also become more common and dinner depends on what was eaten for lunch. It can range from a full meal to a light snack.


Switzerland Dishes

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        Swiss Dishes

  • Z├╝rcher Eintopf - Zurich style hot pot. Vegetables and meat are served all in the same pot.
  • Fondue - This is a famous Swiss food made of melted cheese. Bread pieces or potato pieces are dipped in cheese.
  • Rosti - This is a common swiss dish made from grated potatoes that are raw or cooked.
  • Aloplermagronen - This is a dish made out of macaroni, onions, potatoes, bacon pieces and melted cheese. Often applesauce is served with it.
  • Tirggel - These are common Christmas biscuits that originate from Zurich. They are made out of honey and flour and are hard, sweet and thin.
  • Pastetli - This is a popular food in Switzerland. It is a meat pie with different fillings which include meat and mushrooms with cream sauce.
  • Zurcher Geschnetzeltes - This dish is Zurich style cut meat. It is often served with hashed potatoes but could be served with mashed potatoes, pasta or rice.
  • Ruebli Kuchen - This is a carrot cake decorated with marzipan carrots.
  • Rippli - These are pork ribs served with potatoes, beans and bacon.
  • Teigwaren - This is three colored pasta that are the color of the Italian flag and have vegetables.

Swiss Drink

        Switzerland Drink

  • Damassine - This is a liqueur made by distilling the Damassine prune.
  • Absinthe - This is a traditional highly distilled alcoholic beverage.
  • Rivella - This is a carbonated and lactose based Swiss drink.
  • Wine - Produced in many areas of the country, Riesling X Sylvaner and Chasselas are two common kinds.

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