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Tanzania Cuisine

History of Tanzania

Tanzanian Food History
The earliest people of Tanzania were hunter gatherers. By the year 800 AD, though, Muslim Arabs had established routes for trade in and out of the country. This allowed the introduction of products such as cotton, fruits, as well as meat and spicy rice meals. These trades have had a strong effect on the foods of the coastal regions. In 1873, when slavery was abolished, the Germans and British fought to control Tanzania. The British brought boiled vegetables and tea and the Germans introduced cotton and coffee.

Tanzania foods

Food from Tanzania

Traditional Food in Tanzania
The main job of the people of Tanzania is farming. Basic crops include manioc, corn, cotton, sugar cane, coffee and tea. Common dishes in the diet of the Tanzanian people might include fruits and plant based meals with ingredients such as beans, cabbage, bananas, coconut, rice, corn, wheat, and mangoes. Meat is not eaten often, but chicken is often enjoyed in many types of dishes including a dish called ugali. In the coastal areas, people usually choose to eat some kind of fish with rice. Duckling meat is a delicacy and is served only for special occasions.


Tanzanian Dishes

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          Popular Dishes in Tanzania

  • Braised cabbage - This is cabbage that has been cooked in beef stock, red pepper and onions.
  • Ugali - This is a mush made of cornmeal by pounding corn to squeeze out cornstarch.
  • Vitumbua - These are little cakes made of rice.
  • Chapati - This is a flat bread that is fried.
  • Ndizi Kaanga - This dish is made up of brown sugar, melted butter and fried bananas.
  • Nayama - This is a dish that is traditional to Tanzania. It has minced beef, garlic, coconut, lime and tomatoes.
  • Va Kamba na parachichi - This salad is made of mashed avocados that are mixed with beans and rice.
  • Nyama Choma - This is roasted meat that is made with spices, lemon juice and garlic.
  • Coconut bean soup - This soup is made of beans, green peppers, onions and coconut milk.
  • Dar es salaam - This is a Tanzanian delicacy that is made when duckling is cooked with tomatoes, red peppers and onions.

Tanzanian Drinks

          Popular Tanzanian Drinks

  • Coffee - This is almost as common as tea and many enjoy it with snacks.
  • Beer - Common brands include Kibo Gold, Serengeti Lager, and Tusker.
  • Chai tea - This is enjoyed during breakfast.

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