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Thai Food Cuisine

Thai History

Thai Food History
The people of Thailand migrated to the country from southern parts of China around 2000 years ago. With them came their spicy foods. Chinese food carries a strong influence on the foods of Thailand that is evident in the use of dumplings, soy products and noodles. Nearby India contributed with spicy seasonings like cardamom, coriander, curry and cumin. Malaysia contributed seasonings and a love of coconuts.

The food of Thailand

About Thai Food

Food from Thailand
A typical Thai meal is made up of a single dish, or may be rice together with complementing dishes. The main food of Thai cuisine is rice which is eaten with almost every dish and can be turned into dumplings, flour and desserts. Most of the main meals include pork, seafood, chicken or beef.
In Thailand, the people eat three meals a day. Breakfast might be made up of boiled eggs and fried rice. For lunch, it is common to eat a meal that is based off noodles or rice. Dinner is the main meal and it often includes many dishes such as a curry dish, vegetable dish, soup, a cold salad and rice.


Thai Food Dishes

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        Thai Dishes

  • Khao phat - This is one of the most common Thai dishes. Made of chicken, shrimp, pork, chicken coconut and fried rice, it a favorite in the country.
  • Khao man kai - This is a dish of rice consiting of boiled chicken, dipping sauce and chicken stock that has been steamed with garlic.
  • Mi krop - This is a dish made out of rice noodles and sauce.
  • Kuai - tiao rat na - This dish is made of rice noodles that have chicken, shrimp, seafood, beef or pork with gravy.
  • Kaeng phanaeng - This is a curry with coconut, chicken, beef or pork.
  • Pla neung manao - This consists of fish that has been steamed and a dressing of spicy lime juice.
  • Sate - This is a dish of grilled chicken or pork that is served with peanut sauce and cucumber salad.
  • Yam pla duk fu - This is fried catfish that is sweet and sour, with a spicy salad of green mango.
  • Pu cha - This is a combination of cooked pork, crab meat, pepper and garlic that has been deep fried in crab shells. It is served with a spicy sauce.
  • Phat thai - These are rice noodles that are fried with fish, peanuts, egg, lime juice, seafood, or chicken.

Thai Drink

        Thai Drinks

  • Thai rice wine - This is a beer that is brewed of glutinous rice.
  • Thai iced tea - This is one of the most common drinks of Thailand. Iced tea is very strong and sweet and often comes with condensed milk.
  • Lao khao - This is whiskey made of rice with herbs commonly added to offer flavor.

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