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The history of Turkey

Turkish Food History
The food of Turkey is often said to be some of the best in the world. The traditional foods have survived over a thousand years for many reasons, but one of the strongest reasons is the delightful Mediterranean climate. The positioning of the country between the Mediterranean Sea and the Far East has helped the Turkish people to have total control over the many major trade routes. The perfect climate has allowed crops and animals to grow strong. These advantages have helped the country to establish a strong history and flavorful foods.
The traditional Turkish cuisine was already established by the 1400's, which was the start of the beginning of the Turkish, or Ottoman Empire's reign of 600 years. Foods like fish in olive oil, yogurt salads, and stuffed vegetables have become the basis of Turkish foods. With time, the empire actually spread from northern Africa to Austria and the water and land routes helped people to import and export many exotic ingredients of the world.

Foods from Turkey

Food of Turkey

Traditional Turkish Food
Turkish food is usually not spicy, but some regions do enjoy spicy dishes. Sauces and seasonings are often used but tend to be light and simple and don't overpower the natural flavors of the foods. Most common seasonings include garlic, cinnamon, mint, dill and parsley. Yogurt is often used in meals with both meat and vegetables.
Vegetables, wheat and rice are often the basis of Turkish foods. Eggplant is the favorite vegetable of the country and zucchini is a common second in addition to cabbage, beans, and artichokes that are made with olive oil.
A common breakfast in Turkey might be made up of butter, cheese, olives, tomatoes, eggs, green peppers, cucumbers, honey and jam. Soups are also eaten in the morning with Turkish tea commonly enjoyed as well. The traditional lunch is often warmer and more filling than breakfast. It often includes meats, vegetables and lentils. Some of the larger lunch foods include chicken or baked lamb that is served with eggplant, peppers and grilled fish served with a side of lemon.
The largest daily meal is dinner. Often the Turkish people will have soups, salads, fish stuffed with pilaf, and a dish called köfte, which is fried minced meatballs.


Turkish Dishes

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        Turkey Dishes

  • Beykoz kebabi - This dish is onion and tomato flavored lamb that is wrapped in slices of aubergine and served with lamb brains.
  • Iç pilav - This dish is made up of liver slices with rice, peanuts, chestnut, currants, herbs and cinnamon.
  • Perde pilavi - This is chicken with rice, peanuts and onion that is wrapped in a thin dough and topped with almonds.
  • Manti - This dish is a type of pasta that is made of folded triangles of dough filled with chopped meat and often chopped parsley and onions. It is served while hot and covered with garlic flavored yogurt, warmed olive oil or melted butter.
  • Menemen - Made up of scrambled eggs that are cooked with green pepper and tomato.
  • Acili ezme - This is a freshly mashed tomato that is hot and spicy mixed with green herbs and onions.
  • Börek - Thin layers of dough that are filled with meat, vegetables or cheese.
  • Dolma - These are vine or cabbage leaves that have been stuffed with meat and rice.
  • Fasulye pilaki - This is a dish of white beans that have been cooked with tomato paste, carrot, garlic and olive oil.
  • Haslama - This is a dish of vegetables with boiled lamb and lemon juice.

Turkey Drink

        Turkey Drinks

  • Sherbert - This is a sweet soft drink that is made of cornelian cherries, rose hips, licorice and spices.
  • Wine - Made by common Turkish brands like Doluca, Corvus, Kavaklidere, Pamukkale and Kayra.
  • Raki - This is a traditional alcoholic beverage and is flavored with anise. It is a common drink with fish of kebabs.
  • Ayran - This is a salty yogurt drink.
  • Salgam suyu - This is a hot or mild turnip juice common in Turkey.

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