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Ukraine Cuisine

History of Ukraine

Ukrainian Food History
The first farmers in Ukraine were known as the Trypillians. They would grow millet, rye, wheat and barley. With the plentiful wheat came trading routes along the Black Sea coast. The territory of Ukraine became the road that connected Europe, Asia and Arabia.
Ukraine eventually fell under the rule of many countries, but the people of Ukraine managed to maintain their native foods, customs and traditions.

Ukraine food

Foods of Ukraine

Food From Ukraine
The food in Ukraine is loaded with history and has a wide array of dishes. Ukrainian foods are influenced by food from Germany, Turkey, Poland, Lithuania and Russia.
Grains like rye, barley, oats, wheat, corn and buckwheat are grown and baked into many different kinds of breads. An example is agnautka, which is a flat whole grain loaf enjoyed with meals. Pork is the national meat and pork fat is commonly used when cooking. It's mostly used for frying but can often be eaten smoked. Dairy products include cottage cheese milk, and baked milk. Desserts include cakes, cookies, sweet breads, which are often made with fruits and honey as well as blueberries, cherries and plums.
A common breakfast in Ukraine is light. It often consists of bread and butter with tea or coffee and pastries. The biggest daily meal is eaten in the middle of the afternoon and often includes a dish of poultry, meat and soup. The third daily meal occurs at about 6:00 or 7:00 pm.


Ukraine Dishes

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        Ukrainian Dishes

  • Perohy - These are dumplings that have been filled with cheese and potatoes and are often served boiled.
  • Borsch - This is a vegetable soup that is made of cabbage, potatoes, beets, carrots, onions, tomatoes, garlic and dill. Sour cream is a common garnish.
  • Salad Olivier - This is a salad that is made out of dill pickles, boiled eggs, chopped potatoes, onions, cooked and chopped chicken, and mayonnaise.
  • Vinegret - This is a salad that has sauerkraut, cooked chopped potatoes, carrots, onions, cooked shredded beets, salt, and sunflower oil.
  • Varenyky - These are little pastries that have different fillings including fried onions, mashed potatoes, liver ground meat, fried cabbage, strawberries and cherries. These are often served with butter, sugar or sour cream.
  • Cabbage rolls - These are cabbage leaves with rice and meat filling and stewed in tomato sauce or roasted with strips of bacon on top and served with sour cream.
  • Deruny - These are potato pancakes served with lots of sour cream.
  • Kutia - This is a dish usually served at Christmas. It has poppy seeds, nuts, honey and wheat as well as other delicacies.
  • Kasha hrechana zi shkvarkamy - This is a cereal of buckwheat that has fried chopped bacon and onion.
  • Pyrizhky - These are small buns filled with potatoes and baked in dill and cream.

Ukrainian Drinks

        Popular Ukrainian Drinks

  • Mead - This is an alcoholic drink that is made out of yeast, water and honey.
  • Horilka - This is a common alcoholic drink that is often distilled from potatoes, honey, sugar beets and grain.
  • Kompot - This is a sweet drink made of fruits or berries that are boiled in water.
  • Kvas - This is a sour and sweet carbonated drink that is made from sugar, yeast and dry rye bread.

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