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Emirati Cuisine

History of Emirates

Emirati Food History
The food of the United Arab Emirates has been strongly influenced by Morocco, Lebanon and Iran. There are many different types of food that are imported, but many of them are also locally made. The food of the Middle East and Arabic foods tend to be the dominant style in the entire region and most of the restaurants in the United Arab Emirates choose to serve Lebanese dishes. It can be hard to find restaurants that serve real Emirati dishes, but the food is full of all kinds of delicacies.

Emirates food

Emirates Foods

Food In Emirates
Because the area is mostly made up of harsh dessert, the food in the United Arab Emirates is heavy in dairy, meat and cereals. Most vegetables are hard to grow and are not often used in dishes. Commonly enjoyed meats include small fowl or chicken. Seafood is also a large part of the Emirati diet and has been for hundreds of years. Fish, rice and meats are the main ingredients of the cuisine. Common meats include goat, beef, lamb and mutton. A common United Arab Emirates breakfast will include breads that are served with eggs, date syrup and cheese.


Popular Dishes in the United Arab Emirates

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        Popular Dishes in Emirates

  • Kebab Kashkash - A dish that has spices and meat in tomato sauce.
  • Kabsa - This is a dish of rice that is often made from a combination of rice, spices, vegetables and meat.
  • Harees - An Arabic dish made of salt, meat and wheat.
  • Falafel - This is a patty or ball that is made out of ground chickpeas and fava beans. Often, this is served in pita bread.
  • Shawarma - A combination of a sandwich and a wrap that contains goat, chicken, turkey or lamb and sometimes beef.
  • Tabbouleh - This is a dish of wheat with parsley and mint.
  • Warak enab - This is a dish of grape leaves that are rice stuffed.
  • Hummus - This is a dip made out of chickpeas and blended with garlic, olive oil and tahini.
  • Ghuzi - This is a dish made from nuts, rice and roasted lamb.
  • Koussa mashi - This is stuffed zucchini.

Emirates Drinks

  • Ayran - A drink that is a combination of water and yogurt.
  • Coffee - Emiratis enjoy strong black coffee that has saffron and cloves for spice.

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