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Venezuela Cuisine

History of Venezuela

Venezuela Food History
Before Christopher Columbus landed in Venezuela in 1498, Venezuela was not known. His arrival brought many Spanish colonists. In the beginning, they were looking for gold, so they didn't pay attention to things like farming and chocolate until later. As chocolate grew in popularity in Europe, so did the need to make more. Cocoa plantations soon popped up all over Venezuela. In the beginning, the Indians were used to help grow the cocoa, but when Venezuelan people began to die because of illnesses such as smallpox and measles, slaves from Africa were taken to Venezuela and they brought with them many cooking and eating habits. In addition, there were many Spanish immigrants who brought cattle to Venezuela.

Foods in Venezuela

The Food of Venezuela

Traditional Venezuelan Food
Venezuelan foods contain a mixture of Native Indian, European and African influences. In addition, there are many influences from the Caribbean with ingredients and flavors. This food uses many ingredients including onions, garlic and sweet peppers. Corn is also a common food that is eaten in the area and is often used to make foods like pancakes. Most Venezuelans choose to eat arepas instead of bread. These are baked corn pancakes that can be plain or filled.
For the Venezuelans, the biggest meal is served between noon and 3:00 pm. The meal in the evening is often smaller and is not eaten until 8:00 pm.


Venezuela Dishes

Venezuela on the map

        Venezuelan Food Dishes

  • Pasticho - This is a casserole of maccaroni that is similar to Italian lasagna.
  • Sopa de mondongo - This is traditional soup of the country. It is made of diced tripe that has been slow cooked. Vegetables include onions, carrots, tomatoes, celery, cabbage and bell peppers.
  • Hallaca - This is a combination of pork, chicken, beef, raisins, capers and olives are wrapped in maize and tied with string in plantain leaves, then steamed or boiled.
  • Pabellon criollo - This is a common Venezuelan dish that consists of rice, stewed black beans and shredded beef.
  • Pisca Andina - This is a light brew of chicken mixed with carrots, eggs, diced potatoes, ground pepper, and sometimes milk.
  • Quesillo - This is a kind of dessert that is made with caramel, milk and eggs.
  • Pionono - This is a dough made out of sugar, flour and eggs and baked on a sheet that is rolled around a fruit filling or a chicken salad.
  • Cachapa - This is a traditional dish in Venezuela that is made out of corn. It consists of pancakes wrapped in corn leaves and boiled.
  • Perico - This is a common dish that is made with butter, sauteed onions, tomatoes and scambled eggs.
  • Mandoca - This is a deep fried cornmeal pretzel. Often enjoyed when still hot with cheese or butter.

Venezuela Drink

        Venezuelan Drinks

  • Frescolita - This is a cola in Venezuela. It has a bubble gum flavor.
  • Papelon con limon - This is a refreshing drink that is made with sugar cane pulp, lime and water.
  • Ponche crema - This is a cream based liqueur that includes eggs, rum, sugar and milk.

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