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Vietnam Cuisine

History of Vietnam

Vietnamese Food History
Many of Vietnam's neighbors had an influence on Vietnamese eating and cooking habits. Mongolians invaded Vietnam during the 10th century and introduced beef. The Chinese controlled Vietnam for a thousand years and taught the people of the country ways to cook such as deep frying and stir frying, as well as using chopsticks. Starting in the 16th century, explorers and traders brought vegetables such as snow peas, potatoes and tomatoes. When the French decided to colonize Vietnam, they brought foods like cakes, milk, butter, and cream.

Food from Vietnam

About Vietnamese Food

Traditional Vietnamese Food
Nearly every Vietnamese meal includes steamed rice. Long grain white rice is preferred and it is used to make rice vinegar, rice noodles, rice wine and spring roll wrappers of rice paper. Meats that the Vietnamese eat are chicken, fish, seafood and pork. Soy sauce, fish sauce, fruits, vegetables and fresh herbs are all common in the foods of Vietnam.
Vietnamese foods are not usually served in courses. All the food is served at one time. Many of the meals include a stir-fry or different main dish, a soup, and a light salad, as well as many other side dishes.


Vietnamese Dishes

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        Vietnamese Food Dishes

  • Bò lúc lac - This is a meal with beef that is cubed and marinated, then served over onions, tomatoes and greens. It is enjoyed with rice.
  • Bánh hoi - A dish made out of rice vermicelli that is woven into bundles and topped with meat such as roasted pork.
  • Bún cha - This is a Vietnamese favorite. It is pork that is grilled with vermicelli over sliced cucumber, bean sprouts and herbs. It often includes egg rolls, shrimp and spring onions.
  • Mì xào dòn - Egg noodles that have been deep fried and topped with shrimp and vegetables in gravy.
  • Bún Oc - A dish made of snails and vermicelli.
  • Bún riêu - This is a soup made of noodles that are covered with shrimp and crab paste and served in a broth based on tomatoes and garnished with herb leaves, prawn paste, bean sprouts, chunks of tomato and water spinach.
  • Canh chua - A sour soup that is made of pineapples, tomatoes, vegetables, fish and herbs.
  • Bánh bao - A dumpling that is stuffed with vegetables, mushrooms, and onions.
  • Bánh cuon - These are rolls of rice flour that are stuffed with mushrooms, ground pork or prawns.
  • Bò lá lot - A meal made of spicy beef that is rolled in a leaf before grilled.

Vietnam Drink

        Vietnamese Drink

  • Nuoc mía - Juice that is made of sugar cane.
  • Ruou de - A distilled liquor that is made out of rice.
  • Bia hoi - This is a draft beer.
  • Cà phê sua dá - This is iced coffee that is usually served with sweetened condensed milk. It is very popular among the natives.

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