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Wales Cuisine

The History of Wales

Welsh Food History
Welsh food has origins that are deeply seeped in the Celtic culture and tradition. The ancients commonly ate oats and pork. Lamb became a specialty in Wales but only for special occasions or holidays. Bacon became a flavorful and important food and became a necessity in many households in Wales. During the 10th century, there were only two vegetables grown in Wales. Those were leeks and cabbages.

Food in Welsh

Food From Wales

Traditional Welsh Food
The food of Wales has been strongly influenced by English food. Dairy cattle and beef are commonly raised and there are many sheep farmers in this land. Welsh cooking often uses seafood ingredients, especially near the coast. The leek is the national vegetable and can be found in many Welsh recipes. The food in Wales is diverse and full of contrasts and extremes. Throughout their history, the Welsh would often cook outside or over fireplaces.
A common breakfast in Wales might include bacon and eggs, served with cockles and laverbread.


Wales Dishes

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        Welsh Dishes

  • Faggots - These are meatballs made out of onions, and pig liver.
  • Tatws Pum Munud - This is a stew that includes stock, potatoes, smoked bacon and vegetables.
  • Glamorgan sausage - This is a common vegetarian sausage with leeks, breadcrumbs and cheese.
  • Crempog - This is a Welsh pancake made out of eggs, milk, butter and flour.
  • Cawl - This is a stew that has meat and vegetables.
  • Tatws Popty - This is a stew that is made out of a meat joint and vegetables.
  • Teisennau Tatws - These are small cakes made from potatoes.
  • Welsh cake - A traditional snack that is made of spices, raisins and flour.
  • Laverbread - This is a favorite made of edible seaweed.
  • Welsh rarebit - A meal made with melted cheese and served over toast.

Wales Drink

        Welsh Drink

  • Wine - Some of the common vineyards are Sugarloaf Vineyard, Gelynis Vineyard and Parva Farm Vineyard.
  • Beer - Some of common brewerys include Bryncelyn Brerwery, Artisan Brewery and Breconshire Brewery.
  • Whisky - A famous kind in Wales is Penderyn.

About Wales

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