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Creating and Founding "The World Wide Web Awards", has been an honor and a wonderful experience for me and all whom have helped with this site in the evaluating process. Thank you again, to all whom have applied and we wish you the very best with your wonderful web sites, achievements and goals.  Diana Verkhovski, CEO

As one of Worlds peak internet bodies, the Awards of World Wide Web Award Program are amongst the most prestigious available - and hence, amongst some of the more difficult to win on the web. The World Wide Web Awards has devised a rating system of Gold, Silver, and Bronze - with these different rankings enabling us the widest possible area in which to reward skill, effort and enthusiasm and assist in gaining credibility for your website.

The Platinum and Gold Awards, represents the pinnacle of website design in the United States and to win this Award is truly an honor. Accordingly only a smaller proportion of our applicants will eventually secure this coveted prize as we only reward those webmasters who have excelled in all fields of our criteria.  Our goal is to provide Webmasters and Designers with the finest resources, tools, tutorials, tips and advice for building quality web sites.

If you should win one of our awards, we will send you a user name and password under a personalized email; so that you may pick up your Award Graphic you have won and proudly display it on your winning website.  Unlike some Internet Awards, the WWW Award Program does not simply hand them out to every applicant.

A Gold, Silver or Bronze Award from the WWW Awards must be EARNED and all criteria must be met.


Who is eligible to apply?
Due to the global nature of the internet, applicants from ALL countries are eligible to apply, however, your website must offer and ENGLISH translation, in order for us to be able to read the content on your website.  We ask that applicants carefully read our Award Program Policy, Rules and Criteria, before submitting their application to us.

How to submit
All Entries must be submitted using our Online Entry Form that can be found on the "Submit Site" page.  A website will only be considered "entered" after a completed entry form is received by the WWW Awards.   If the applicant has made an error on the entry form, they must email us right away at: with any corrections.  If the applicants web address or email address is incorrect or invalid, your application will be denied.  Please be sure to double check the spelling of your URL and email address.   

Entry Fees:
$50.00 Entry Fee (non-refundable) - for USA based websites. Guaranteed a review within 3 to 7 business days.  If your website wins our award, an AWARD CERTIFICATE, signed by our CEO (with our gold seal imprint), will be mailed to the shipping address you provide on the application form, via postal mail.  You will also receive a laudation letter, sent via email, where to pickup our award logo, to proudly display on your winning website.

Award Certificate WWW Award Certificate - Included in

Beautiful 8x10 AAWM Award Certificate. Signed by our CEO with the WWW Awards Official Seal. This certificate is printed on high glossy thick photo paper. 


$50.00 Entry Fee (non-refundable) - for International websites based OUTSIDE of the USAGuaranteed a review within 3 to 7 business days.  If your website wins our award, you will be sent a "PRINTABLE" AWARD CERTIFICATE (sent to the email address, you provided on the application form), signed by our CEO. You will also receive a laudation letter, sent via email, where to pickup our award logo, to proudly display on your winning website.  Due to the enormous amount of shipping cost and custom forms, we no long ship our certificates Outside of the USA.  Again, International websites outside of the USA will receive a Award Certificate to print, via email.

Our winners list and archives acts as a 365/24/7 portal, promoting our winners to their clients and visitors.

If your website should win the WWW Award, winners will be supplied a FREE Award Graphic to proudly display on their websites, along with a laudation letter from the CEO of the World Wide Web Awards.  Winners also receive a permanent listing on our winners list.

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