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WWW Certified Award Programs

The WWW Certified Award Programs - demonstrates high ethics, an exceptional criteria and wonderful recourses to assist applicants in gaining credibility to their websites.  These Award Programs truly are "Best Of The Best"  and should be commended for their wonderful contribution to the internet community.  Diana Verkhovski - CEO, World Wide Web Awards

        Programs are listed by the date in which they received their certification.

Certified Award Program URL/Addresses Country                                                                       MM/DD/YY
Surflocal Web Excellence Awards -USA


Description: We offer two programs: Web Excellence in Business- evaluation of business sites for outstanding web presence and ecommerce solutions in three levels, Gold. Silver & Bronze. Trinity's Graphical Excellence for personal or business sites that are evaluated for exceptional / outstanding multimedia, graphical, flash, or video presentations in two levels, Graphical Excellence and Graphical Merit.  

Surflocal Web Excellence Awards

"The Seal Of Patriotism" Award -USA


Description: The PURPOSE Of This Award Program...
Is to give recognition to deserving webmasters who through their dedication, content and creativity; leave a lasting positive impression concerning America and our way of life, so that their site visitors leave knowing: what a wonderful and special country; The United States Of America really is.  

"The Seal Of Patriotism" Award

SpeedyAdverts Excellence Web Site Awards -Malta


Description: SpeedyAdverts Webmaster Award is meant to recognise and award webmasters and webmistresses for their effort, dedication and hard work in building & maintaining their Web sites. Our award is meant to encourage Webmasters and Webmistresses to keep improving their web sites to make the Internet a better place. 

SpeedyAdverts Web Site Awards



Description: The Fun Tyme Entertainment Awards Program is a four ( 4 ) level awards program designed to recognize those Webmasters that have combined their imagination, creativity, graphic layout and useful content to educate or entertain their viewers. 

Fun Tyme Entertainment Awards Program



Description: The "Quartermaster Award of Excellence" was created in April 2002 after my father, Gerald O. Day, passed away.T his award is also intended to forever cherish all the fine men who served aboard her in her forty years. The likes of these men will never again be seen. Millions of citizens enjoy freedom and safety because of their willingness to serve. 

Quartermaster Award of Excellence



Description: Offers 4 levels . . . Gold , Silver, Bronze and Merit for educational, personal, non-commercial (small-business of a couple of persons or a family may apply) or service sites. Priority is given to educational sites and sites with Internet-related services. Its purpose is to encourage good mission and knowledge in internet and award communities by rewarding excellent web sites.

CLL Website Awards



Description: BAP, the BigEye Award Program, presents the BigOscar Award to honor Web Sites that deserve recognition in achieving excellence in Web Design, Content, Quality, Navigability, Innovation, Effort, Dedication and time spent. These Awards are given in three levels: Bronze, Silver and Gold. Also, an Annual Award : The Annual BigOscar Diamond, for the best of the best of the year sites by Judges vote!

BAP - BigEye Award Program!

Granny's Poetic Excellence Award Program -USA


Description: The Award is designed to recognize the personal efforts of the poet whose site is dedicated to their own work, i.e. his/her original poetry.  The award comes in three levels, the 3 Star Poetic Excellence Award, the 4 Star Poetic Excellence Award and the 5 Star Poetic Excellence Award ( each award requires a higher score ).

Granny's Poetic Excellence Award Program

Keyboard For Christ Music/ Award Program -USA


Description: Our program has two awards one can be seeked, the other is an honor, both awards are rated. The Dove Award for making a difference. Difference means "change" and the purpose of our program is for websites that keep to a mission or purpose leaving a surfer excited wanting to return and leaving with "change" or gaining something. A Life that made a difference award is in honor of a family member that was killed in Iraq in Jan 2006. This award is by nomination only.


Keyboard Fro Christ Award Program

   2004  The World Wide Web Awards are in association with, The American Association Of Webmasters

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