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Credits and Copyrights

Special Thanks to for creating our flash header at the top of our webpages.

Credit and copyrights for our Statistics Table and Self-Test Calculator goes to: Award Stats, for providing us with the script used in our statistics table and self-test calculator. Thank you Jerry Hartzler -of the Smokin' Award™ AP

Special Thanks To Dynamic for providing some of the scripts and tutorials used in this website.

Special Thanks To for allowing us to promote their wonderful programs, resources and tools, with written consent.

Short popup tutorials provided by MS Front Page with consent. 

Special Thanks To MS Front Page for allowing us to display "Webmasters Definitions".

All award graphics and affiliate graphics are the sole property of their individual owners and are displayed with their permission.

All software product graphics and links to their sites are sole property of their individual owners and are displayed with their permission.

All "Rating" graphics from each rating site, are their own copyrights and sole property, with special permission for our site to post the rating they have giving our Award Program.

Special Thanks to our Evaluation Panel, and the people who have taken time out of their busy schedules to help in the process of judging and awarding the accolades to "The World's Finest Webmasters and Designers".

All logos, trademarks, texts on this site are property of their respective owner. No images or content from this site may be used, copied or reproduced without written permission. (with the exception of our free graphics pages).  All Linkware Web Sets, must provide a link back to the WWW Award Site, in order to use or download zip files.  You must also have written permission to use Link ware Websets on this site.
The WWW Awards collects information from applicants for award listing purposes only.  

All World Wide Web award graphics, trophies, plaques, certificates, logo and award seal, are copyrighted and protect, under US copyright laws.  Our actual trophies in our award store are custom made for our award winners with our logo and are 2003-2004.  Only award winners may put our awards on their awarding winning site.  Awards may not be resized or edited in any way, without written consent from The World Wide Web Awards.  2003 World Wide Web Awards - Diana Verkhovski [all rights reserved].

   2004  The World Wide Web Awards are in association with, The American Association Of Webmasters

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