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  Please read the following point system carefully.

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The number of points achieved for each category, can also be deducted if the requirements are missing. 

Design & Creativity (Up To 40 Points)

bullet first impression (0-4 pts) bullet utilize space (0-2 pts)
bullet page loading (0-2 pts) bullet ALT tags (0-2 pts)
bullet original designs (0-4 pts) bullet shut off buttons for music (0-2 pts)
bullet themes  (0-4 pts) bullet "skip intro" used for flash intro's (0-2 pts)
bullet color balance (0-2 pts) bullet correct use of frames  (0-2 pts)
bullet clear graphics  (0-2 pts) bullet graphics uploaded correctly  (0-2 pts)
bullet optimized graphics  (0-2 pts) bullet lasting impression (0-4 pts)
bullet table alignment / centering (0-2 pts)    
bullet browser settings  (0-2 pts)    


Content (Up To 30 Points)

bullet state your purpose clearly (0-4 pts) bullet disclaimer / terms of use (0-3 pts)
bullet title for each page (0-3 pts) bullet copyrights (0-3 pts)
bullet headings / text teasers (0-3 pts) bullet grammar and spelling (0-3 pts)
bullet writing style / clear language (0-3 pts) bullet privacy statement (0-3 pts)
bullet contact information (0-3 pts) bullet family safe site (0-2 pts)


Navigation (Up To 15 Points)

bullet user friendliness (0-4 pts)
bullet internal & external links / targeted correctly (0-3 pts)
bullet organized links/buttons/menus/ all matching (0-2 pts)
bullet alternative text links option for static menus, flash menus or dropdown menus (0-2 pts)
bullet back to top link for long pages (0-2 pts)
bullet site map provided (0-2 pts)


Scripting & Technical (Up To 15 Points)

bullet HTML coding checked for open tags & errors (0-2 pts)
bullet meta tags used (0-3 pts)
bullet 1 or more  more feature must be present to win our higher awards: java scripts, flash, multimedia, e-commerce features, all in working order (0-10 pts)


Bonus Points:  Possible 8 points added to your score!  

bullet Free resources that will want to make visitors come back to your site! (5 Points)

*The total points achieved, will determine which "Award Title" you will receive.*

Platinum Gold Silver Bronze Patriotic Award
105 Points 90 -100 Points  80 To 89 Points  60 To 79 Points  60 To 100 Points 

To apply for a Patriotic Award, your site must meet the criteria above and be a patriotic web site.  A "PATRIOTIC" site may be love for /or devotion to one's country!

Let's proceed with the general criteria ( Design & Creativity ) Next

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The WWW Awards has implemented a special award section to our award program for applicants who have visual impairments or visually impaired websites.  These sites will be judged on "content, navigation and user friendliness.  A total of 45 points are need to receive an award.  This site may display large graphics and text as well as different size browser settings.  The winning site displays excellent content and offers something interesting to the internet community. 


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