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Good luck to all our applicants!

When a surfer visits your website and sees the WWW Awards Graphic displayed, they know that they are visiting a website that is a step above the rest.  Our HIGHLY RATED Award Program, is an Elite Award Program, rated 5.0 by Award Sites!  See our Award Ratings, Memberships and Affiliations for more information.

Q: Who is eligible to apply for the WWW Award?

A: The WWW Awards invites all personal and commercial sites to apply.  All sites must be in English or have an English translation, in order for us to be able to read the content on your site.  For more on eligibility, please see our "policy" rules.

Q: What are the fees to apply for the WWW Award?

Entry Fees:
$50.00 Entry Fee (non-refundable) - for USA based websites. Guaranteed a review within 3 to 7 business days.  If your website wins our award, an AWARD CERTIFICATE, signed by our CEO (with our gold seal imprint), will be mailed to the shipping address you provide on the application form, via postal mail.  You will also receive a laudation letter, sent via email, where to pickup our award logo, to proudly display on your winning website. 

$50.00 Entry Fee (non-refundable) - for International websites based OUTSIDE of the USAGuaranteed a review within 3 to 7 business days.  If your website wins our award, you will be sent a "PRINTABLE" AWARD CERTIFICATE (sent to the email address, you provided on the application form), signed by our CEO. You will also receive a laudation letter, sent via email, where to pickup our award logo, to proudly display on your winning website.  Due to the enormous amount of shipping cost and custom forms, we no long ship our certificates Outside of the USA.  Again, International websites outside of the USA will receive a Award Certificate to print, via email.

If you are submitting more then 1 website annually, there is a $50.00 fee (non-refundable) for each website application.  This includes web design firms who are applying for their clients websites.  Our winners list and archives acts as a 365/24/7 portal, promoting our winners to their clients and visitors.


Charging a small fee for websites will help our Evaluators keep up with the demand of our awards.  Winners are supplied a FREE Award Graphic to proudly display on their websites, along with a laudation letter from the CEO of the World Wide Web Awards.  Winners also receive a permanent listing on our websites winners list.  So, the cost is minimal, compared to the hundreds of dollars in FREE marketing that our winners receive.  PLEASE NOTE- The WWW AWARDS does not simply hand out their awards.  The Awards must be earned and  THE CRITERIA OF THE AWARD PROGRAM,  MUST BE MET.

Something Extra We Offer - The WWW Awards offers actual Plaques and ADDITONAL Certificates, that can only be purchased at our online store.  The ordering of any Award memorabilia is PURELY at the discretion of the Award Winner.  Winners are under NO OBLIGATION, to purchase them.  This is a service to our winners (per their request), not a profit that we earn.

Q: How long does the evaluation process take?  Can I have my application rushed?

A: The evaluation process is completed within 3 to 7 business days. However, if we received your application during our vacation time, your application may take up to two weeks to hear back from us.  We will put a notice on our home page of our Award Program, if we go on vacation.  We do not accept rush applications.  Applications are evaluated in the order in which they were received..

Q: What experience does your judges have and what qualifies them to review sites for awards?

A: Our judges are carefully selected and all have at least 5 years experience in web design or  online marketing skills.  On our navigation you may read their credentials.  Or you may click here to learn more about our judges.

Q: How difficult is it to win the WWW Award?

A: As one of Worlds peak internet bodies, the Awards of World Wide Web Awards Program are amongst the most prestigious available - and hence, amongst some of the more difficult to win on the web. We do not give our awards away.  ALL CRITERIA AND RULES MUST BE MET, in order to receive an award.  Approximately 50 to 55 percent of applicants win an award.  This may change at times, be sure to check out our statistics page, for month to month statistics.  We offer several Award Titles, therefore, there is a chance of your site winning, if the criteria and rules of our award program have been followed.    

Q: Why do Award Programs make you wait 30 to 90 days to re-apply if an applicant didn't win an award?

A: Each Award Program has their own set of rules for re-applying.  Most Award Programs ask that you wait  30 to 90 days before re-applying, to allow you plenty of time to make changes and improvements to your site.  The WWW Awards ask that an applicant waits 30 days before re-applying.  We feel that significant changes can be made within that time frame and often times if an applicant has to wait 90 days before re-applying, they will loose interest in that award program.  On another note.....A good award program will offer you tips and suggestions on improving your site, if you simply send them an email and request it.

Q: I won a Gold Award from another Award Program.  Why did I only win a Silver from your award program?

A: Not all award programs are the same.  They all have their own set of rules and criteria that needs to be followed.  They also have different judges that evaluates for their award programs.  The awards giving can reflect on the personal opinion of the judges and the guidelines they use to evaluate sites.

Q: Can I dispute the Award Title I received from your program?

A: You can refuse the Award Title received, but you cannot dispute the Award Title.  ALL DECISIONS ARE FINAL.  Refusal of an award, will ban your site from future submissions.  We will provide you with our findings and how we came to our decision of your award title, (at your request).  We will also offer tips on improving your site if you request it. You may re-apply after 30 days if you are not happy with your title and significant changes have been made to your site.

Q: How do I know which Award Programs are credible and which ones are not? 

A: There are literally thousands of web award programs on the internet today.  Some are credible, some are not.  The Award Givers Community has a name for the one's that are not.  They are called "Market-Me Awards or Give-Away Awards".   The Market-Me and Give-A-Way award programs holds no credibility and often results in spam letters being sent to you, rather than gaining credibility to your website.  Most Market-Me and Give-Away Award Programs will also reward sites that are tasteless or may contain adult content and material.  The only thing you will have to do is paste their award graphic to your web or fill out a simple form.  These types of Award Programs do not actually take the time to review applicants websites, they simply give you an award by right clicking your mouse and saving their graphic. If you are asked only to provide an email address and URL, but no description of your website, on the Award Programs application form, then most likely, the Award Program is more interested in collecting the applicants email address (for spamming and soliciting), then they are of the description of your website.  If you are asked to join a mailing list as a requirement for applying to the Award Program, our suggestion is......DO NOT APPLY TO THAT AWARD PROGRAM!  If the Award Program states, that additional information will be sent to you, other then your winning or non-winning announcement, then we suggest not applying to that Award Program.  Additional information, usually means spam submission with newsletters and other information, you may not be interested in receiving.

The credible Award Programs will display the following:  A criteria that has to be met, an awards policy, a judging panel (that list their credentials, skills, certifications, etc.,)  A code of ethics statement, a privacy statement, a winners list that can be easily found on the Award Program, a COPPA statement and requirements of who is eligible to apply and who is not.  Credible Award Programs will have more then just a "submit site" button.  There are only a handful of Award Programs in the world (such as the WWW Awards), that has received an "Awards Rating" from an Awards Rating Service.  There are only about 10 Award Rating Services in the World, that actually review only Award Program sites.  If you see a rating on an Award Program, you can be sure that the program has undergone a strict review to receive a rating.  Most prestigious Award Programs will also display an "Affiliates & Memberships" page, displaying their award ratings, memberships to ethics organizations and sometimes award listings they belong to.

   2004  The World Wide Web Awards are in association with, The American Association Of Webmasters

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