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The World Wide Web Awards 2012 WEBSITE OF THE YEAR, has been officially announced!  Congratulations to http://polardiscovery.whoi.edu  Applications are still being accepted year round for our other various Award Titles.  Applicants may apply for our Platinum, Gold, Silver, Bronze, Patriotic or Humanitarian Award.  Any and all sites submitted over the next 12 months will automatically become eligible to secure our coveted "Website of the Year Award" when it is again announced in December of 2013. 
World Wide Web Awards - Web Award Programs.

Purpose Of Our Web Award Program

The WWW Association, and more particularly its various Award Programs, were designed to supply formal recognition and acknowledge the hard work and dedication that each applicant has put into constructing their web sites using their own brand of style creativity and content. It is to these sites that we owe our thanks as they are the primary reason that our Award Program is growing so rapidly and gathering so much critical acclaim in the world  of the Internet.

The WWW Awards was also created for those Webmasters and Designers who obviously spend a lot of time building and creating their sites, not just to benefit themselves, but to also make a positive contribution to the World Wide Web Community by " Bringing The World Closer To Us."

As one of Worlds peak internet bodies, the Awards of World Wide Web Awards Program are amongst the most prestigious available - and hence, amongst some of the more difficult to win on the web. The World Wide Web Awards has devised a rating system of Platinum, Gold, Silver, and Bronze - with these different rankings enabling us the widest possible area in which to reward skill, effort and enthusiasm and assist in gaining credibility for your website.

The Platinum and Gold Awards, represents the pinnacle of website design in the United States and to win this Award is truly an honor. Accordingly only a smaller proportion of our applicants will eventually secure this coveted prize as we only reward those webmasters who have excelled in all fields of our criteria.

Something Extra We Offer - The WWW Awards goes a step further with our Award Program by assisting and providing Webmasters and Designers with outstanding Webmasters tools, tutorials and resources for creating quality web sites.  Our detailed criterion provides informative tips, which could help increase your chances of winning The WWW Award and other awards on the world wide web.



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