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  Award Process

Before submitting your site we recommend that you have read and understood the WWW Awards Program, Rules, Policy and Criteria. Your Application Form - After you have submitted your site, you will be taking directly to a "Confirmation" Page.  There will be no need to submit your site more then once, if you have reached the confirmation page.  Spam submissions will be reason for disqualification.

We will make several visits to your site within a 2 week period, after our initial visit.  We realize sometimes applicants may have made changes or upgrades to their sites during that time.  We want to allow our applicants a chance to achieve the highest score possible in that two week evaluation period. 

First Visit -  We visit your site and confirm the site does not fall into any of the disqualification criteria.  We check to see if your site is viewable in both 800x600 and 1024x768 resolutions.  We also check to see if your site is free from broken links.  ( Points are deducted for each broken link).  We also check to see if your site is family safe and that there are no copyright infringements.  If your site does not make it this far, the evaluation process will end here. 

Second Visit - (1 week review) If your site has passed the first visit, we will then send it to one of our evaluators, for further review.  The evaluator will spend approximately 1 week with several visits, reviewing your site on the details listed on our General Criteria.

Final Visit - Final approval of evaluation is made by our Founder Diana Verkhovski.  Diana will make a visit to your site then go over the Evaluators reviews, comments and any suggestions made.  

Winners will  then be notified by the end of that 2 week period, via email, with a confirmation letter that they have won.  They will be sent a user name and password, where they can pick up their award graphic on our secret web.  We will also notify applicants who did not win an award, with the reason why they did not win.  Applicants who have not won an award, may email us at: and request tips and suggestions for improving their site, so that they may re-submit their site after 30 days of the initial application.  *Applicant's sites who are disqualified, will not be notified.*

We give constructive advice without criticism. Our goal is to provide Webmasters and Designers with the finest resources, tips, tools and tutorials, for building quality web sites. 

*Notice For Award Winners*

Award winners must notify us, if any changes have been made to their site, such as switching to a new domain name, server problems, etc.


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