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Self-Test & Last Minute Award Tips (108 Max Points)

Design & Creativity: (40 Points Max)

Nice first impression. (4pts)
Loads within 60 seconds on a standard 56K modem. (2pts)
Original designs. (4pts)
Displays a theme. (4pts)
Shows color balance. (2pts)
Clear graphics. (2pts)
Optimized graphics for fast loading. (2pts)
Tables centered. (2pts)
Pages viewable in 1024x768 and 800x600 browser settings. (2pts)
Utilizes space, no "white space". (2pts)
ALT tags used. (2pts)
Midis have a "turn off" option. (2pts)
"Skip intro" for flash introductions. (2pts)
Site doesn't open another's site within your frames. (2pts)
Graphics uploaded correctly to your web. (2pts)
Nice lasting impressing. (4pts)

Content (30 Points Max)

Purpose clearly stated. (4pts)
All pages have a title. (3pts)
Site uses headings and text teasers. (3pts)
Clear writing style that can be easily understood. (3pts)
Valid contact information, other then a form. (3pts)
Disclaimer present. (3pts)
Copyright statement present. (3pts)
Privacy statement present. (3pts)
Grammar and spelling has been checked. (3pts)
Site is family safe. (2pts)

Navigation (15 Points Max)

Navigation is user friendly. (4pts)
Internal and external links targeted correctly. (3pts)
Buttons organized and match on all pages. (2pts)
Alternative "text links" option for sites that do not support script menus. (2pts)
"Back to top" link displayed on long pages. (2pts)
Site displays a site map. (2pts)

Scripting (15 Points Max)

HTML code has been checked for open tags. (2pts)
Site uses Meta tags. (3pts)
Site displays at least 1 or more advanced / technical feature. (10pts)

BONUS POINTS (8 Points Max)

Resources that will want to make visitors come back to your site. (5pts)
Special quote found in our criteria. (3pts)

Total (108 Maximum Points, Can Be Acheived):

Let's proceed with the final award process, which will take you to our application form Next

Calculator provided by: Jerry Hartzler -of the Smokin' Award™ AP

 Note- your scores may not reflect the same scores as our judges. We offer this self-test to insure applicants, that all areas meet within our CRITERIA and to help them achieve the highest score possible. 

*The total points achieved, will determine which "Award Title" you will receive.*

Platinum Gold Silver Bronze Patriotic Award
100+ Points 90 -100 Points  80 To 89 Points  60 To 79 Points  60 To 100 Points 

   2004  The World Wide Web Awards are in association with, The American Association Of Webmasters

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