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 Testimonials From Our Winners

Graphic Artist Of The Year 2002 - American Association Of Webmasters, from The USA - Also won Gold Awards From The World Wide Web Awards in 2003.

Dear AAWM and World Wide Web Awards Committee,

It’s been a year now since I won the Graphic Artist of the Year award, from The American Association Of Webmasters.  I would like to thank you again.  I was so honored and surprised when I heard the news that I won. Especially knowing that the award didn’t even exist at the time, but the fact you decided on me after judging thousands of web sites was rewarding enough! The recognition has been really nice and your dedication page has definitely increased more traffic to  Carson-Dellosa, a large publishing company that I have designed many web sites for announced my winning to the entire company at an employee dinner and held up my plaque for over 200 employees to see. Everyone was very proud of their site for winning a Gold award from you but to then hear their designer won Graphic Artist of the Year (From AAWM) on top of that was even more rewarding.  

I believe winning this award also gives people a sense of security and trust when it comes to them letting me handle their web site and graphic needs. Thank you again to Diana Verkhovski CEO & The Awards Committee's of The World Wide Web Awards & The American Association Of Webmasters.

Jeff Thrower (Web Designer/Owner)

Webmaster Of The Year 2002 - American Association Of Webmasters - Also won several Gold Awards and 3 Platinum Award From The World Wide Web Awards.

To: AAWM and World Wide Web Awards Committee
RE: Webmaster/Site Of The Year
(From Australia)

In an industry dominated by thousands of individual companies and programmers, the need to "stand out from the pack" has never been more important if a Design Firm is to survive in such a competitive environment. In our quest to help potential clients decide whether Raptor Communications was worthy of consideration for their various design projects we knew we had to have that certain special something that would communicate this message. The American Association of Webmasters and The World Wide Web Awards was the answer.

They say that "payment is praise enough" in this industry, but one thing speaks louder than money and that is praise from your PEERS. As a peak industry body, the AAWM and The World Wide Web Awards are globally respected organizations, and their Award Programs in particular are second to none.  Therefore we knew to be taken seriously we would have to regularly submit our projects for critique and review by their panel and compete on our merits for the various Bronze, Silver and Gold Awards they bestow. In fact, few clients walk into our Offices and fail to comment on the rows of high quality Award Plaques we have proudly mounted in the Foyer areas and the "wow factor" they represent and credibility they bring us is in a visual sense is amazing.


After winning several Awards of the course of 2002-2003 we were notified by the Judging Panel that our overall designs and approach to the concept of web authoring was at a level where we would be amongst the finalists for the coveted Web Design Company of the Year Award. The rest is history. In fact these days it seems we are so busy, that we do not even have the luxury of updating our own online tools, such was the demand for our services that this Award created.


After winning the Award, and the resulting publicity it generated in our regional area, business multiplied 4 fold for our small consultancy to the extent where we now have 7 people on the Team, with one of them doing nothing but actually analyzing requests for Service, preparing Quotations to deal with them, and then scheduling design elements across the board.


As Managing Partner I cannot recommend highly enough the need for small design consultancies to look towards large organizations like the American Association of Webmasters and the World Wide Web Awards, for not only their much appreciated Award Programs, but also for their products and services (from templates to free scripting), and ALL placed on the site to help the Designer reach their end goal in a fast efficient and logical manner. We remain indebted to Chief Executive Officer Diana Verkhovski for her outstanding advice and ongoing contribution to our business and leads through their website have already led to Raptor Communications now creating websites for companies on every continent in the world.


We were again in the running for the Award this year, and will continue to support the American Association Of Webmasters , World Wide Web Awards and apply online for their Awards and 5 people now currently owe their livelihood to business generated from their website, that we would otherwise have not received had we been given the honor afforded us as Web Design Company of The Year.


Glenn Astey
Managing Partner
Raptor Communications
(American Association Of Webmasters) Webmaster Of The Year 2002

Webmaster Of The Year 2003 - World Wide Web Awards from The USA
"Below are four articles that I have been written up in so far.  It has also been announced on all of our news channels here locally.  I appreciate the honor STILL and everyday I seem to get blessed by this award. "  THANKS AGAIN! Trinity Presscott

Amarillo Globe News Wednesday, December 31, 2003

Businesswoman named Webmaster of Year

Trinity Prescott won 2003 Webmaster of the Year at the World Wide Web Awards. She took top honors based on her work as administrator/senior webmaster of Surflocal.Net and for the Web site of the Rotary Club of Amarillo.

Prescott and her husband, David Prescott, own Surflocal.Net, a presentation platform that has a self-serve presentation creator.

The awards are given by the World Wide Web Association, headquartered in Phoenix, Ariz.  

Prescott is a member of Rotary Club of Amarillo.

Thank you

The Rotary Club of Amarillo Newsletter dated Dec 4, 2003

ATTA GIRL TRINITY: Member Trinity Prescott (website design) was named the Webmaster of the Year by the Worldwide Web Awards two weeks ago.  She won the international award for her design, content and creativity on our Rotary Club website and  on

Gold Award Winner 2004 - World Wide Web Awards

Thank you for offering the service that you do.  After “winning” your gold award I received a bonus from the Race Team and a secure contract for this race season. It was a way for me to let the Gotham City race team know that they had a good website in the eyes of other people in the industry. There will also be a press release out soon and I will be sure to send you a copy of it for it will mention your organization.
Allen Cook 

Webmaster Of The Year 2004 - American Association Of Webmasters from The USA

Templatemonster Team shows its gratitude to American Association Of Webmasters for such a high appreciation of our achievements. We are happy to acknowledge your "Webmaster Of The Year"award. Templatemonster is going to place this review with Award Title in 'awards' section.

Thank you!
Best regards,
Charles Tonti
Marketing Department

   @2004  The World Wide Web Awards are in association with, The American Association Of Webmasters

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